We see people go viral every day, but not everyone can say their voice has gone viral over and over again … except for one TikTok star who happens to be from South Florida.

Lorena Pages: “I had so many cute outfits planned for this year that I couldn’t wear, so I just wanted to show you. See this? I love it, I couldn’t wear it. Love it, couldn’t wear it.”

You’ve probably heard this viral voiceover all over social media.

Lorena Pages: “So, for work, I thought this was cool, because when you double the bows, you double the power.”

And this one, too.

Lorena Pages: “Please don’t pet me. No petting, thank you. I don’t wanna be petted. No pet, uh uh. You can go pet your mom or something!”

But have you ever wondered who the voice behind them is? Meet Lorena Pages!

Lorena Pages: “Are you like a fairy or something? Not exactly.”

Lorena is a viral TikTok superstar with over a million followers and more than 21 million likes on the social media app. She also happens to be a SoFlo native.

Lorena Pages: “I was born in Venezuela and at the age of 7, I moved to South Florida. Been there most of my life, and then three years ago, I came to Orlando.”

Meaning she’s totally one of us.

Lorena Pages: “One hundred percent. I am 100% a Florida girl, yeah.”

Lorena’s been making videos since she was a kid.

Lorena Pages: “That’s something that I’ve always enjoyed doing. I think I can express myself better through, you know, videos and just writing.”

But she didn’t realize it could become her job until TikTok came along.

Lorena: “That’s when I was like, ‘OK, well, I’ll start posting them, see if anybody else enjoys it,’ and then from there it took off, and I was like, ‘That’s it. This is what I’m doing for the rest of my life.'”

Lorena’s channel blew up during the pandemic, when everyone started using her voiceover to show off the outfits they couldn’t wear during lockdown.

Even celebs like Shay Mitchell got in on it.

Lorena Pages: “See this? I love it, I couldn’t wear it. Love it, couldn’t wear it. Then there’s this. Love it, couldn’t wear it.”

And Sofia Vergara recreated the whole thing.

Sofia Vergara (celebrity): “Then there’s this. Love it, I couldn’t wear it. Love it, couldn’t wear it, and this was supposed to be my cute costume, but no.”

Lorena Pages: “So I just couldn’t stop watching it and watching it, and I was like, I can’t believe this is actually real. Like, she’s doing my joke, and everybody says I sounded like her.”

Now that she’s conquered the internet, Lorena’s working on conquering something else.

Lorena Pages: “I recently did stand-up classes. It’s really scary, but it’s in my bucket list, for sure.”

To watch more of Lorena’s hilarious videos, click here.

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