Sometimes breaking free means fighting back, and actress Meagan Good says there is power in that.

Meagan, alongside Cory Hardrict, stars in Tyler Perry’s latest drama, “Divorce in the Black.” Deco caught up with the stars for you, because that’s what we do here.

Meagan Good (as Ava): “Wow, thank you for inviting us. We actually use to come here all the time. Right, Dallas?”

Taylor Polidore Williams (as Taylor): “You don’t hear her talking to you?”

Cory Hardrict (as Dallas): “You better get your wife, man.”

Meagan Good and Cory Hardrict are bringing harsh realities to the forefront in the new Amazon flick “Divorce in the Black.”

Meagan Good (as Ava): “I’m going to tell you this just one time. You better leave me alone!”

The pair star as a volatile couple on the brink of splitting.

Meagan Good (as Ava): “I didn’t realize how in the red I was. When this divorce is over, I want to be in the black.”

Deco caught up with the stars at the American Black Film Festival on Miami Beach to find out what it takes to portray such distressed roles.

Meagan Good: “I think it takes a person who is genuine and kind and empathetic and all of those things to dig into a character like this and find some humanity and realness.”

But for Cory, it’s a lot simpler.

Cory Hardrict: “I’m an actor, I’m an artist. When it’s time to get down, it’s time to get down. You what I’m saying?”

While the movie touches on domestic violence and abusive relationships, the stars hope it changes the way viewers live, for the better.

Meagan Good: “I want women to walk away reclaiming their time and reclaiming their value and reclaiming their worth and knowing there is life and life more abundantly after every season and act of life.”

Cory Hardrict: “I definitely want women to feel stronger, and I want men to feel like they can ask for help, you know, or they can ask for a hug. Because at the end of the day, everyone needs love.”

OK, enough with the serious stuff for a second. We’re Deco Drive, so we had to ask the stars what they love about the 305.

Meagan Good: “For me, it’s about the weather and this skin. I like the way the weather makes this skin dewy and feel fresh.”

Cory Hardrict: “But also Tony Montana! You know, when I come to Miami, I feel the ‘Scarface’ vibes! I feel it, you know? And that’s like in a good way!”

“Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black” begins streaming on Amazon Prime Video on July 11.

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