Being the best at something takes a lot of hard work, and one SoFlo restaurant knows how to be the best. Deco’s checking out a spot in Midtown climbing to the top of the foodie “it” list.

Its name may be short and sweet.

Chef Valerie Chang: “Maty’s is a modern Peruvian restaurant that’s in the heart of Midtown. It was inspired by my grandmother Martha.”

But big things are happening at this SoFlo restaurant.

Chef Valerie Chang: “In the last few months, my brother Nando and I got named Food & Wine Best New Chefs for 2023. Maty’s was on the Bon Appétit top 24 restaurants of 2023, and we also made the 50 best New York Times list this year.”

Deco caught up with Bon Appétit’s Kate Kassin to get the scoop on why Maty’s is the only restaurant in Florida to make the cut.

Kate Kassin: “What I love about their restaurants is just like how important the family aspect is to it. And I mean, it’s a beautiful space, and the food’s delicious, but I think you really feel like it’s a space to celebrate.”

When it comes to the food, Maty’s is all about bringing a taste of Peru to the 3-0-5, but with a unique twist.

Chef Valerie Chang: “These dishes are inspired by traditional Peruvian dishes, but on the eye of someone who left Peru 21 years ago and has been in South Florida, learning about our seasonality, learning about our ingredients, learning about what we offer the table, and marrying the two together.”

That means the menu features dishes like the raw grouper tiradito and the oxtail saltado.

Chef Valerie Chang: “The oxtails are braised for about eight hours, and then they get stir-fried in the wok, and then they’re served on top of Peruvian crispy potatoes.”

Sofia Bodniza: “My favorite thing was the oxtail. Oxtail was incredible. And the tiradito. Very, very good, fresh. Really, really good.”

And you can’t go wrong with the restaurant’s signature fish dish.

Chef Valerie Chang: “Our whole roasted dorade, it’s fire-roasted, and then it goes on top of an aji amarillo beurre blanc.”

Kate Kassin: “You either need a spoon or something to make sure that you sop up every single last drop.”

Sofia Bodniza: “This menu is unlike any other menu I’ve seen. Like everything is super detailed, and you can tell that everything is made with just so much love.”

Maty’s Miami
3255 NE 1st Ave.
Miami, FL 33137

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