Many of us love a good, ice-cold beer, especially during work hours. (Kidding!) If brewskis are your passion, Alex Miranda’s showing you how to make beer your career.

I did major in broadcast journalism, but that’s only because I didn’t know that I could study beer. That’s all changing, once I found out about Master Brewer Academy, where I’m learning all the basics.


Todd Space: “If you’re passionate about it, then you’re going to be curious about what’s going on behind the scenes.”

Why not make it a career?

Todd Space: “Alex, what are you doing?”

Alex Miranda: “Looking smart.”

At Master Brewer Academy.

Todd Space: “We do the science, we do the technology, we do business, we do the legal stuff, we do the permitting, we walk you through everything.”

Where classes for an 11-month, nights-and-weekends, professional brewer training program take place at every full-production brewery in South Florida.

Todd Space: “With every brewer, every owner, you’re going to get to know everybody, so the networking possibilities alone also give you that extra step.”

Or opt for a two-week, intensive course, one-time classes, online options — even field trips.

Todd Space: “I mean, we’re going to go to Germany this summer.”

Ich glaub, mein Schwein pfeift!

Todd Space: “When the bell rings at the end of the class, everybody stays behind.”

I want in, so Todd is teaching me the basics.

Todd Space: “I make sugar water, and yeast makes the beer, but I need to really understand what’s going to make the yeast happy enough to make the style of beer that I want to make.”

At EST.33 in Brickell City Centre.

Todd Space: “Hemositometers are used for counting red blood cells. Red bloods cells and yeast cells are around the same size, so I can use this perfectly for what I’m doing.”

Counting those cells…

Todd Space: “…and 251.”

…determines the density…

Todd Space: “This grid, by this grid, is exactly one 10-thousandth of a millimeter.”

…therefore, how much to make.

Alex Miranda: “That’s how I like to drink beer.”

Todd Space: “Yes!”

Alex Miranda: “Two-point-one billion.”

No, more like…

Todd Space: “I need four liters of that liquid that I showed you in that bucket right over there.”

Cool, but I also discovered something.

Alex Miranda: “Basically, two beers are always better than one.”

Then, he triangle-tested my palate.

Todd Space: “Two beers are the same, one beer’s different. One is 3 months old, one is fresh, made it today.”

I had opinions.

Alex Miranda: “It’s giving flat. This one to me tastes fresh.”

But was also full of it, apparently.

Todd Space: “It looks to me that you were pretty much exactly 50/50.”

And by “it,” I don’t mean yeast.

Todd Space: “If you notice, the results reveal that you cannot tell the difference.”

Says who?

Todd Space: “Alex, the analysis is complete. You can stop sampling.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh.”

Did I graduate?

Todd Space: “If you want to learn about beer, basically, call me, and then I will figure out a way to help support you in your growth in this industry.”

Master Brewer Academy

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