What do three sheep and a harp have in common? Fox. Fox network, that is.

An all-new “The Masked Singer” returns. This season, they’re bringing out all the bells and whistles. We talked to that masked man, Robin Thicke.

That’s right: Season 9 of “The Masked Singer” is here.

Robin Thicke: “Can you believe it? Nine seasons, and it’s only getting better.”

Robin Thicke’s one of the judges, so we’re trusting him on that.

Robin Thicke: “Parts of the rejuvenation of the franchise is these theme nights. It gives us a chance to dress up. This year, we have DC superhero night, we have New York City night, and it makes it a lot of fun for us.”

Playing dress-up isn’t the only new thing happening this season. They’re also introducing the “Ding Dong Keep It On” bell.

Robin Thicke: “It’s been a great success, because at the very last second, right before an unmasking, there’s a chance to save one person each round. I got to save somebody, and it’s a pretty fun element to the show.”

And if the crazy costumes are your thing, Robin says you are not going to be disappointed.

Robin Thicke: “As a panelist, we haven’t been nominated for any awards, but the costume department gets nominated every season. The things that they can come up with, the way you can make an asparagus sexy. We literally have a California roll this season. I mean, where are you going to find that in TV?”

After all his time on the show, he’s had some time to think about what character that he would want to be.

Robin Thicke: “I think I will be a killer whale or a panda. I think panda, very fitting to my personality.”

There’s certainly a whole lot of love between the OGs of the show.

Robin Thicke: “We got really lucky, I mean, we’re a whole bunch of hams. Me, Jenny, Nicole, Ken and Nick, we all get along like family members, and it’s really been a blessing for me in particular.”

But Robin does have a special connection with a certain person.

Robin Thicke: “That love thing where, you know, you stare at somebody’s eyes for four minutes so you can get on the same page, Ken Jeong and I do that every episode.”

When he’s not busy being a judge, you can find the singer honing his own singing skills.

Robin Thicke: “I’m feeling like I’m in heaven, and I’ve got my studio. And so, the last couple of months, I’ve been creative and making a whole bunch of new records, and I’m very excited to have a new album for people this year.”

You can catch season 9 of “The Masked Singer” every Wednesday at 8 p.m. right here on Fox 7.

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