Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson don’t have a lot in common, but in their new Netflix movie, “The Man from Toronto,” they get mistaken for each other. Instead of correcting anyone, they just go with it.

“The Man from Toronto” is full of laughs. Turns out Kevin not only cracks up audiences. He left his castmates in stitches, too.

Ellen Barkin (as The Handler): “Hey, Toronto, you ready to go back to work? We need an extraction of information.”

It’s a massive case of mistaken identity in “The Man from Toronto.” Some really bad guys think Kevin Hart is a hit man.

Character in “The Man from Toronto”: “Who is that?”

Rob Archer (as Oscar): “This is the Man from Toronto.”

Kevin Hart (as Teddy): “Wait, what? I’m the Man from Toronto.”

Rob Archer (as Oscar): “And he’s here to torture you.”

Kevin is not the assassin, but he has to play along so he doesn’t end up on the wrong end of the hit.

Kate Drummond (as Agent Lawrence): “Why in God’s name were you in that cabin?”

Kevin Hart (as Teddy): “They wanted me to be the guy you guys are looking for, but I’m not that guy, but I had to act like I was.”

For Kevin, the best part of this role were the action scenes. Hart got to mix in some of his signature comedy.

Kevin Hart: “I could get back to the fun and get back to the funny, but get back to that grounded individual that has that level of that level of mess-up that so many can relate to, right?”

Woody Harrelson (as The Man from Toronto): “Hola. I am the Man from Toronto.”

Kevin Hart (as Teddy): “Objection! No! I’m the Man from Tor- Oh!”

Woody Harrelson (as The Man from Toronto): “This is on you.”

The real man from Toronto is played by Woody Harrelson. It was a love fest on set between the two actors.

Woody Harrelson: “It’s hysterical. It’s amazing that he can just stay in that scene and stay in that character and just continue to throw just genius comedy at you.”

Woody Harrelson (as The Man from Toronto): “You got this.”

Kevin Hart (as Teddy): “I’m scared.”

Woody Harrelson (as The Man from Toronto): “Own it! Wave the knives around.”

Kevin Hart (as Teddy): “Somebody needs to talk!”

In this one, Woody’s a murderer for hire, but it was Kevin’s comedy chops that were killing it on set.

Woody Harrelson: “And I will say, probably, my worst fault was that I was constantly cracking up and kind of blowing the take. ‘Oh, sorry, I’ll do it again. I do apologize.’ He was very patient with me.”

Kevin Hart (as Teddy): “But, in some kind of weird way, you’ve managed to inspire me, but I don’t want to be you anymore!”

Woody Harrelson (as The Man from Toronto): “One more time.”

“The Man from Toronto” is now streaming on Netflix.

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