There’s a new SoFlo restaurant getting a lot of traction on social media. The staff at MaMa YaTai & Donuts pump out Japanese corndogs like no one’s business, and they gave us a peek at all the yummy goodness.

In the mood for some Japanese street food? Then hit up MaMa YaTai & Donuts in Davie for a sweet treat.

“YaTai” is Japanese for street food, and “MaMa” is for owner Loc Nguyen’s mom, Trang Do, but everyone just calls her MaMa.

Loc Nguyen: “We first started, we’re gonna do mochi donut, and then suddenly people come for us because of our specialty donut.”

The reason it’s called a mochi donut is because they use mochi flour to make the dough.

Loc Nguyen: “Mochi flour is actually rice flour, so it’s more like sticky rice flour. The texture is crunchy outside, and inside is more chewier and a little more fluffy.”

They also use it in their Japanese corndogs, but these doggies are not actually from Japan.

Loc Nguyen: “It’s from Korea, but over here, we don’t call it Korean corndog, we call it Japanese corndog. The dough to make the corndog is the soul of the corndog.”

You can even mix and match the inside filling and outside flavors to your liking.

Loc Nguyen: “You can choose all cheese inside, hot dog inside, or half and half — half cheese, half hot dog. Outside, you can choose a topping of hot Cheeto, regular or potato.”

Natalia Chiang: “I had the half cheese/half sausage corndog with the hot Cheeto on it, It was so good, it wasn’t too spicy, and I also got the strawberry donut, that was also really good.”

If you’re feeling sweet, then take a bite of MaMa’s flan donut.

Loc Nguyen: “The flan donut, so we actually make the donut, and we put the flan cream on the inside, the filling inside, and then, right in the middle, we put the actual flan.”

You’re not going to believe how many of these babies they pump out a daily basis.

Loc Nguyen: “We sell 4,000 donuts a day, but my mom and the whole team are still rolling the donuts, every single one of them.”

MaMa YaTai & Donuts
6477 Stirling Road
Davie, FL 33314

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