One of the perks of living in SoFlo is Deco Drive. Another is our 24-hour access to the Atlantic Ocean, and not just for swimming. We’re talking fresh seafood. Deco’s checking out a new restaurant that’s putting some surf on our turf.

Forget that claw, this Klaw wants to grab a hold of your taste buds. This new spot at the Miami Women’s Club is ready to make a splash.

Phil Campbell: “Klaw Miami is a new restaurant in Edgewater. We’ve got the first rooftop bar in the neighborhood. We’re gonna specialize in really high-end surf and turf.”

Klaw is keeping it reel when it comes to fresh seafood.

Phil Campbell: “We’re focusing on the freshest seafood that we can get, with an aim to get everything along the East Coast.”

That means things like little neck clams from New England and lobster from Maine, both of which can be found on the seafood platter, which also comes with prawns and oysters.

Phil Campbell: “We’re using a mixture of raw and cooked shellfish. The seafood platter is definitely something that should be shared by two people, at least.”

Want a light bite? Go for the ceviche.

Phil Campbell: “This is a great dish for the summer. It’s super light, super fresh. It’s almost refreshing when you eat it.”

And don’t make the mistake of missing out on the meat.

Claudia Cobreiro: “The seafood was especially amazing, but the steaks were incredible. The fries were delicious.”

Once you’ve had your fill of food, head up to the rooftop bar. The drinks here come with a special side: an incredible view.

Phil Campbell: “People should come check out Klaw because you’re gonna get a dining experience unlike any other. Plus, we’ve got the best views in Miami.”

Claudia Cobreiro: “I mean, who doesn’t want to come have good drinks, be with good people, have amazing views and have some good food?”

Good news, Klaw-abiding citizens: Klaw Miami opens Friday.

Klaw Miami
1737 North Bayshore Drive
Miami, FL 33132

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