Miami caught two shooting stars Wednesday night at the Regal South Beach. Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek were in town for the premiere of their new movie “Magic Mike’s Last Dance.” Deco was there to catch up.

Dancers from the “Magic Mike Live” experience lit up the black carpet Wednesday night at the world premiere of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” … and just like that, the tone was set.

The gorgeous Salma Hayek and hunky Channing Tatum were there, too.

Although the actor had on more clothes than the dancers, it didn’t take away from the sexy vibe of the night.

Salma Hayek: “Miami is sexy, the character is from Miami, Channing is from Florida, and it’s full of Latinos. Why not? That’s my favorite part about it. I feel at home!”

Channing Tatum (as Mike Lane): “What did you want before Miami?”

Salma Hayek (as Maxandra Mendoza): “I just wanted to escape my life.”

The final installment finds Mike bartending in Miami — before a wealthy socialite leads him to London, where the “Magic Mike” stage show is born.

Salma Hayek (as Maxandra Mendoza): “Come with me to London. Let’s go.”

Salma is new to the cast, and Channing said he was happy to have her on board.

Channing Tatum: “She made the whole movie. Without Salma, we would just be a bunch of privileged white dudes making a movie. She literally came in and made it actually mean something.”

Salma Hayek (as Maxandra Mendoza): “You came along and gave me this unexpected magical moment that made me remember who I really was.”

Things heat up between the two pretty quickly, but Salma says she was initially nervous when it came to doing their sexy dance number.

Salma Hayek: “I think I was more terrified in the rehearsals. At the beginning, I was nervous, but then I felt more confidence because we have a lot of trust in each other.”

Salma Hayek (as Maxandra Mendoza): “Without further ado, I give you the visionary artist, Magic Mike.”

Channing Tatum (as Mike Lane): “Sup.”

The movie’s got dancing, hot men and lots of passion.

Salma Hayek (as Maxandra Mendoza): “You’re not shutting me down, not this time!”

Salma says this is one movie audiences won’t want to miss.

Salma Hayek: “They’re gonna have fun, and they’re gonna feel a lot of joy, they’re gonna feel like dancing, they’re gonna feel like kissing somebody! Can’t miss it.”

Salma Hayek (as Maxandra Mendoza): “I want every woman that walks into this theater to feel that a woman can have whatever she wants, whenever she wants.”

“Magic Mike’s Last Dance” saunters into theaters Feb. 10.

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