Magic Mike. Two words, so many feelings.

The movies have spun off into an HBO reality series and now a jaw-dropping stage show. Deco’s resident eye candy, Alex Miranda, is here to bust a move.

Channing and the gang chose Miami, the sexiest city in America, as their first stop on Magic Mike Live – The Tour, so before opening day next week, I met a few of the guys, to say the least.

What’s better than “Magic Mike XXL?” Magic Mike … Live!

Fatman Scoop: “Single ladies, I can’t hear y’all! Single ladies, make noise!”

Like, in-your-face-live!

Kalon Badenhorst: “The best way I’ve ever heard it described is a hip-hop, dance, cabaret extravaganza.”

With consent, of course.

Alison Faulk: “It’s very sexy. There’s a lot of interaction, if you’re down for it, and that’s what we really love about our show.”

Sign. Me. Up! At Miami Marine Stadium on Key Biscayne, starting next Thursday.

Alison Faulk: “It’s a spectacle, and then we have cast members from around the world, the best at what they do.”

Oh, and they do a lot.

Luke Broadlick: “Flips and tricks, bouncing up and down across the stage, on top of tables, flying in from the ceiling.”

The six-month show is really for everybody.

Luke Broadlick: “Guys will first-bump the dudes mid-show and being like, ‘Yo, try to get my girl to dance!'”

I saw the Las Vegas residency back in October 2021, and here’s my review.

Alex Miranda (on Instagram story): “Ahhh! Hahaha!”

Alison Faulk: “The version of the show you saw in Las Vegas was our COVID-safe version, so now you’re going to see a version that’s like…”

Alex Miranda: “Alison, don’t tell me that!”

Hollywood choreographer Alison Faulk, responsible for Channing Tatum’s world-famous, um … yeah, that, is also a Pembroke Pines native.

Alison Faulk: “South Florida is like the place for this show. I feel like people are going to love it here.”

Where now Kalon is Mike.

Kalon Badenhorst: “I’ve trained in multiple different dance styles: hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, modern, jazz.”

So, he’s like the Channing.

Kalon Badenhorst: “It’s definitely a sexy show.”

Well, then let’s get to it!

[Kalon performs top-swipe.]

That’s a top-swipe, but i’ll settle for the dolphin dive.

[Alex performs dolphin dive.]

Kalon Badenhorst: “Yeah! That’s it!”

Next, Brian is going to us old faithful.

Brian: “Boom! Boom!”

Alex Miranda: “Oh! Oh! I get it. OK…”

Brian: “You’re just going to kind of slide your knees back as your hips touch the ground.”

[Alex performs the move.]

Brian: “Yeah! What?! And that’s the key: you make eye contact.”

And now, all together! And some.

[Alex performs all three moves back to back.]

Alex Miranda: “This is so embarrassing.”

Alison Faulk: “You went all in, and that’s a 10 in my book. A strong medium for ability.”

Tickets start at $49, and worth every penny.

Alison Faulk: “Find a new thing to do with your friends.”

The Magic Mike show opens Oct. 13th. There’s a beautiful bar there as well as a pop-up restaurant. Such a fun night with friends.

Magic Mike Live – The Tour
Miami Marine Stadium
3501 Rickenbacker Causeway
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

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