The Bass Museum on Miami Beach is a fabulous spot for contemporary art, but on Thursday, they had one of the most beautiful works of art ever created: Lynda Carter! The Wonder Woman herself was there, where a new video installation celebrates the most iconic spin to ever be spun.

Wonder Woman has superhuman strength.

Lynda Carter (as Wonder Woman): “Let me see if I can give you a hand.”

But Lynda Carter is just human.

Lynda Carter: “I lost him seven months ago, so I would spin myself to be anyplace to be with him.”

Her husband, Robert Altman, passed away in February.

Alex Miranda: “How are you doing?”

Lynda Carter: “I’m OK.”

They were married 37 years.

Lynda Carter: “He was the greatest human I ever knew.”

We met at the The Bass Museum on Miami Beach, Thursday, where a new video installation is dedicated to the icon.

Lynda Carter: “Her character was very important in feminist studies. You were 13 and you were seeing a strong woman just roll up her sleeves.”

Using scenes of that famous spin from the 1970s TV show, which she defines as…

Lynda Carter: “Becoming more of who you really are.”

From Diana Prince to…

Clip from TV show: “Wonder Woman!”

In a way, Lynda, who stars in the new crime thriller “The Cleaner,” has never stopped spinning.

Lynda Carter: “Friendships come and go, or relationships do, you reinvent, you reassess your life.”

Well, you might be able to call Lynda your neighbor now, because she just bought a new condo in Surfside.

Lynda Carter: “I love the culture, I love the art, I love the pizzazz. The Miami-ness.”

Alex Miranda: “The Miami-ness, yes!”

The living legend, who has been open about her struggle with alcohol addiction…

Lynda Carter: “Lord knows I need stability, because I can kind of go down rabbit holes.”

Is over two decades sober.

Lynda Carter: “How I got to where I am today is by having a family.”

She’s a fighter, on and off screen, and vulnerability…

Lynda Carter: “Figuring out who you are, ohh! I’m still doing that.”

Is this superhero’s greatest strength.

Well, that and all the spinning you get to see now at The Bass…

Alex Miranda: “Can you judge my spin instead?”

Lynda: “Yes. Here. Wait, wait, wait.”

(Lynda spins Alex around.)

The Bass is open Wednesdays through Sundays. The installation is right upstairs.

The Bass
2100 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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