South Florida has created some big names in the music industry like Pitbull, Gloria Estefan and Flo Rida, just to name a few. Now another name is aiming to join the ranks of all that top talent. Deco sat down with LUVHUE at Camp David Studios to talk about his new music, his inspiration and his rise to stardom.

LUVHUE (rapping): “I’m doing the most. I’m doing the most.”

SoFlo local LUVHUE is doing the most — to be the next music sensation.

LUVHUE (rapping): “You can’t drill like me.”

With rap skills like that, it’s no wonder his latest single, “Doing the Most,” has over 400,000 views on YouTube.

LUVHUE: “I honestly didn’t expect for my music to blow up that big. When I was making it, I really didn’t think much of it, ’cause it got to a point where I was switching genres.”

Back in the day, he was just an average kid from Broward County making beats during lunch.

Now he’s making them in studios.

LUVHUE: “I was freestyling in, like, the lunch tables, like knocking on the tables, making beats, but that was like my first push towards music.”

That push even led him to his stage name.

LUVHUE: “My stage name first arrived from a song that I made with one of my homeboys, called ‘LuvHue.’ I kind of liked the name, the ring of it, so I kind of kept it.”

Now he’s on his way to becoming a big time star, but don’t expect to only hear him rapping in his latest album.

LUVHUE: “My latest album is basically gonna be a collection of different genres, so, like, alternative rock, punk rock, rap and alternative itself.”

The mega mix helped him create his album title, “What a Beautiful Disaster.”

LUVHUE: “The inspiration behind it came from different artists that I particularly like listening to, so Dominic Fike, MGK, Kurt Cobain.”

LUV’s music takes inspiration from everyday life.

LUVHUE: “The inspiration behind ‘All in My Head’ basically was, like, all the thoughts that I would have.”

He even learned to play guitar while making the track.

LUVHUE (singing): “Heavy on my head.”

Ace Entertainment Magazine, which gives independent artists a platform, featured him twice. He’s that good.

LUVHUE: “So it’s kind of really dope to see myself in it.”

As for his music style, expect the unexpected.

LUVHUE: “I would describe my musical style as unpredictable, because I just keep going into different genres. One moment I’m in rap, then I’m doing alternative. I don’t want to be put in a box.”

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