The best in show of nags is at Longines Global Champions … and by nag we mean horses, not your mother-in-law.

The tour takes place across 15 countries, with a premier stop in Miami. Showing us the proper way to horse around is our local stallion, Alex Miranda.

Jump, jump, horse around.

Guest 1: “It’s horses and fun in the sun.”

On the Longines Global Champions Tour.

Jan Tops: “We have 16 events, unique locations, the best riders in the world competing.”

Returning to the United States for its eighth year.

Melanie Gleeson: “We have come all the way from Australia, with our rider, Chloe!”

Alex Miranda (to Chloe): “So, how are you feeling?”

Chloe: “Amazing.”

Considered the F1 of show jumping, it brings Olympic-level equestrian sport right to Miami Beach.

Jan Tops: “There are the core fans, they know exactly the technical part, but also for people who come here for the first time. It’s always spectacular to see horses jump in elegance.”

Georgina Bloomberg is competing.

Georgina Bloomberg: “Our team, the New York Empire, is here. It’s only our second event of the season, but we’ve got a great group.

Alex Miranda: “Is Dad coming to watch, by any chance?”

Georgina Bloomberg: “He’s not; he’s been before to watch. I’m just coming back from having my second son, so I’m not really doing anything too exciting.”

So is Natalie Dean.

Natalie Dean: “Our team is the Iron Dames. We won the first event in Doha, so we’re really looking forward to this week and trying to keep that leap.”

Riders compete to gain points in the overall Championship season battle.

Guest 1: “Not only is the diversity international, but the people that you meet, everyone is so in tune with just getting to know one another.”

Melanie Gleeson: “We love Miami; it’s the trip of a lifetime.”

Alex Miranda: “Is it better than Melbourne or…?”

Melanie Gleeson: “Aaah, like who?!”

So, come for a real wild ride.

Alex Miranda: “We have a pink Lambo. Hey, that ain’t bad. The Iron Dames own this one, an all-female endurance racing team, and I’ve got to say, if any car were a Deco Drive car, it would be this one.

It’s ffour days of sun, sea, and … VIP.

Alex Miranda: “You’ve got food – oh, cheese, I love cheese.


[Bartender puts three jumbo-sized bottles of Portofino Dry Gin together.]

Bartender: “So now it shows the entire block, actually.”

Alex Miranda: “And now it’s home decor.”

And the best view in the house for Olympic-level equestrian show jumping.

And one thing you will never do without here is the time. They’ve got it all over the place.

Buy your ticket, or watch for free along the shore.

Georgina Bloomberg: “It’s quite unique in that way, so we do hope to get people who don’t know much about it, be able to walk by and see the horses and hopefully get interested in our sport.”

Alex Miranda: “I’m sure you’re seeing them in their bathing suits, and you’re like, ‘Why am I here? No, I need to go jump in the water.’ No? Does that cross your mind every once in a while?”

Georgina Bloomberg: “It absolutely does, when we’re wearing our heavy jackets.”

Right by the W Hotel.

Alex Miranda (toasts with bartender in straw hat): “Life is good, right on the beach. Now let’s go horse around. We’re winners, baby.”

Tickets start at $350.

Longines Global Champions Tour Miami Beach 2024
April 3-6
22nd Street Beachfront
Collins Park
2100 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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