Tonight on “So You Think You Can Dance,” dancers continue to showcase their talents, as they compete for a coveted spot in the top 10.

But for us all eyes are on a local contestant, Dariel “Juicy Love” Rodriguez, because come on, she’s Juicy Love.

It’s Day three of auditions on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Judge Allison Holker Boss says the contestants better bring it!

Allison Holker Boss: “Sometimes we’re hard on them. So, I think even for the show, like we’re really seeing growth from every one of the dancers, and they’re looking absolutely phenomenal because they’re hearing us, because we do have the experience. And they also take it in because they trust us, because we have been there.”

Sure she’s tough but this professional dancer has high expectations.

Allison Holker Boss: “I’m looking for the full package. You can’t just be a technical dance. You have to be, like, down for the hard work. You have to have a personality that people are going to like, vibe with and love and show up every day and just like, give us a show.”

Cat Deeley: “You are part Whitney Houston bodyguard part Marilyn Monroe I want you to go in there and knock the socks off them.”

Dariel “Juicy Love Dion” Rodriguez: “I really want to.”

Comfort Fedoke: “Honey you fabulous.”

Allison Holker Boss: “You everything honey!”

Miami’s Dariel “Juicy Love Dion” Rodriguez showed up and showed out at her audition.

Dariel “Juicy Love Dion” Rodriguez: “Seeing the “So You Think You Can Dance,” sign I was like oh my God super super super emotional but all in all it was the experience that I wanted. It was awesome.”

Juicy’s been busting a move professionally since the age of 14, and her routine has the best of both worlds…drag and dance.

Dariel “Juicy Love Dion” Rodriguez: “I try to blend both as well as I can because I think it’s a beautiful art form, drag is such a beautiful art form and then to incorporate technical dance elements into it I think it makes a beautiful performance.”

While she can’t tell us if she made the cut, she did say the experience was a dream come true.

Dariel “Juicy Love Dion” Rodriguez: “It’s always been a childhood dream of mine and I didn’t think it would be possible for me anymore because of drag. You know it took me on a worldwind of a ride and it’s been a beautiful journey and I just never thought “So You Think You Can Dance,” would be a part of it so when they reached out to me and asked me to apply I said absolutely.”

Even if Juicy doesn’t make it, going on the show is worth it because Allison says the competition prepares dancers for the industry.

Allison Holker Boss: “Working with major artists, becoming a movie star, whatever it is that they can do after the show, we’re teaching them and training them to do that.”

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