It’s no secret that women love jewelry. We like to sparkle and shine, but when it comes to accessorizing, there’s one spot on our bodies we’ve been neglecting. You could say we’ve turned our backs on it … until now.

Most people wear necklaces front and center, but things have flipped.

The latest must-have jewelry has heads turning. It’s called the backlace.

Lexi Segré, Lexi’s Jewelry: “A backlace is a necklace that you can wear mostly to decorate your back.”

We can thank Queen Bey for creating the buzz around this one.

Lexi Segré: “We’ve seen this type of jewelry on a Tiffany ad where Beyoncé is showcasing a beautiful diamond.”

Beyoncé sports that giant yellow rock in the front and the back, and that’s the point. You get two looks in one.

Lexi Segré: “It’s a fun way to wear a necklace where you actually are showing you have a choker in the front, and then you can surprise people when you turn around, and you show your very sexy back. And you can also wear them to the front.”

Miami’s own Lexi Jewelry knows glitz and glam. We grabbed some of Lexi’s best and headed to Nikki’s Beachhouse Boutique in South Miami to show ’em off.

Lexi Segré: “The necklace is laying against your bare skin. It really pops. Your back becomes a canvas for the necklace.”

This pearl drop “y” is cute and eye-catching.

Be bold with this rainbow moonstone and pearl heart, or flip for this dagger drop.

Lexi Segré: “One of the designs that can be worn very well both ways is a moonstone dagger with an abalone circle. It can be worn both to the front and to the back.”

The trick to pulling off a backward necklace is to start with a bare back.

Lexi Segré: “The best type of clothing to wear with a backlace necklace is a piece of clothing that has an open back, something that has a spaghetti strap and/or a halter.”

Showing skin is easy in SoFlo, which makes this one a must.

Lexi Segré: “People should get a backwards necklace because it’s perfect for South Florida weather. We don’t to wear coats, sweaters or scarves most of the time.”

Prices for Lexi Jewelry’s backlaces start at about $150.

Lexi’s Jewelry
2950 SW 27th Ave.
Suite # 110
Miami, FL 33133

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