Our favorite hit man hottie, John Wick, is back — and as usual, he’s kicking butt and taking names.

Tonight, Keanu Reeves is telling Deco why the fourth film in the franchise is a feast so fabulous, you’ll feel the need for seconds. Buffet, anyone?

John Wick is back in all his brutal glory.

Keanu Reeves: “If you enjoy the world building of the ‘John Wicks,’ then we have some really fun stuff in store. We have new characters and new levels of action, John Wick action.”

In the much anticipated fourth movie, Wick discovers a path to defeating the High Table.

Keanu Reeves: “We don’t want to show the faces, like, we don’t want to do like, ‘Here’s a table, and there’s 12 of them and they are all sitting and hahahah.’ No, you don’t see them, you never see them, but I think we can all relate to the idea of them.”

Them, meaning the bad guys. I know a few.

Anyway, they want the legendary hit man dead.

Keanu Reeves: “There are other themes that are coming back from other films, so there is stuff you can recognize, and then there’s new things. We are trying to cook up a beautiful feast.”

I don’t know a lot about Keanu’s culinary skills, but when it comes to doing his own stunts, I guess you could call him a master chef.

Donnie Yen: “It opens you up, you know, to feeling comfortable. Working with Keanu, I know that he’s well trained, he trains a lot, has a lot of experience. I know that I am in safe hands.”

After all these John Wick years, Keanu still shows up like it’s day one.

Laurence Fishburne: “Keanu’s physicality in these movies is staggering, you know, the amount of stamina that is required, the amount of just sheer kind of energy.”

Keanu Reeves: “The training went longer than three months, and It was five days a week, four hours a day, so it was a two-hour morning session and lunch and a two-hour afternoon session.”

Now that’s commitment, and so is his acting method.

Laurence Fishburne: “He said something really, really kind of telling to me. He said, ‘I haven’t spoken in like 15 weeks,’ so he’s after like an Eastwood kind of vibe.”

If you’re gonna see the film, Keanu has one request — that is, when he’s talking.

Keanu Reeves: “Sit back, see it on the big screen, eat some popcorn and enjoy ‘John Wick.'”

“John Wick: Chapter 4” comes out in theaters March 24.

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