When you think about beautiful voices: Adele, Beyonce, Ariana, and Mariah come to mind.

But after meeting one senior at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale.

I’m adding Kaylee to my list, her family and now school have all discovered she has an opera-level voice.

Just like Shireen, there are voices

Kaylee Ramos: [Sings] “That thing”

And then there’s a voice.

17-year-old, St. Thomas Aquinas High School senior, Kaylee Ramos, has the latter, to say the least. Not like it’s hard or anything.

Kaylee Ramos: “I lift my diaphragm, that’s what my teachers have always taught me but for me, it’s like comfortable for me, like it just comes out.”

Alex Miranda: “Do you surprise yourself sometimes, like, what was that?!”

Kaylee Ramos: “It does happen.”

Alex Miranda: “Who me??”

Enter theater director Ms. Garrard.

Elizabeth Garrard: “She came in her sophomore year. First audition: Addams family and just blew everybody else out of the water, and I was like, where have you been hiding?! Like, welcome to the theater!”

Who knows, operatic vocals don’t just walk into third period every day.

Elizabeth Garrard: “Now when I hear her sing, I mean, it’s the full range of emotion, she just emotes vocally and it’s mindblowing.”

And despite the language barriers.

Alex Miranda: “Do you even know what you’re saying??”

Kaylee Ramos: “Yeah, so I translate everything into google translate.”

Then, it was off to the chamber choir for Kaylee.

Alex Miranda: “You are really that girl in the choir. Ha! You know that!”

Kaylee Ramos: “No”

Led by Ms. Drozdovitch.

Wanda Drozdovitch: “I was like, oh, my goodness, I hit the jackpot, because those high notes are amazing.”

Who noticed, she can hold a note.

Wanda Drozdovitch: “Eight, maybe 12 measures, and she carries all through by herself.”

From D3 to an E6 and Fort Lauderdale to The Great White Way, is dreaming big.

Kaylee Ramos: “I really want to be on Broadway, Like that’s just so huge to me.”

Kaylee Ramos: “Kristen Chenoweth is also one of my biggest idols. I really think Ariana Grande, she’s a Florida girl. You know, she grew up right in Boca like that’s so close. I definitely want to be like her one day.”

How about now?

Kaylee: [sings] “Thought I’d end up with Sean…”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, wow. That was so beautiful! Just that alone, I was like… Gold!”

Ms. D even taught me Motzart.

Kaylee is not impressed but leaves all singers with this tip.

Kaylee Ramos: “I always drink this tea called throat coat. It’s before every performance I have, It’s maybe just a superstition of mine.”

Kaylee plans on applying to Julliard School in New York or Berkley College of Music in Boston.

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