Stay very, very still. I think I see a dinosaur. That’s not a very nice way to talk about Alex Miranda, especially when he’s here trying to work on his raptor wrangling skills.

Talk about dino-myite! No, not the BTS song. We’re talking dinosaurs!

Two of the stars of “Jurassic World Dominion” are in town, and we caught up with them on South Beach.

It’s a dino-eat-dino world. OK, fine, more like dino-eat-human world.

Dinosaurs live with us in “Jurassic World Dominion.”

Big yikes, and it’s up to Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum to make sure humanity survives.

They’re not alone, though!

DeWanda Wise and Mamoudou Athie joined the cast for the final installment of the franchise, and they’re pumped.

DeWanda plays Kayla, a pilot helping Chris and Bryce on a mission, and let’s just say the dinos better watch out.

DeWanda Wise: “It was very like, ‘I am Sparta,’ like Kayla had this wonderful moment that was basically like the equivalent of like, ‘I got the juice, or eff around and find out.’ It was very that.”

Mamoudou’s character, Ramsey, works closely with Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm, but he tells us the person he bonded with the most on set was Omar Sy, who’s reprising his role from the first “Jurassic World” film.

Mamoudou Athie: “Omar Sy is someone I have a great admiration for, and also, I’m pretty sure we’re someone related? So it was great to finally meet him and chat.”

For DeWanda, it was all about girl power.

DeWanda Wise: “I already knew that me and Laura Dern were gonna be like this, like, I knew me and Laura Dern were gonna rock. The surprise was Bryce Dallas Howard. Bryce and I are kind of twins. If anybody’s into Myers-Briggs, we’re both INFJs.”

And, as to how they’d react if dinos were just casually roaming around places like in the movie…

Mamoudou Athie: “We’ll see. It depends on what kind of dinosaurs we’re talking about, ’cause if we’re talking herbivores, maybe.”

DeWanda Wise: “We’d be all right.”

Mamoudou Athie: “But if we’re talking T-Rexes.”

DeWanda Wise: “Pandemonium.”

Mamoudou Athie: “Pandemonium, and it’s a problem for everybody.”

DeWanda Wise: “But for a week before, we’re just like TikToking with dinosaurs, you know what I’m saying? Like one week max.”

“Jurassic World Dominion” hits theaters June 10.

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