It is love at its most primal. Dating in the Magic City hasn’t been working out for one local, but there is hope … in the jungle of reality TV. Discovery+ has a new type of dating show, and it’s kind of wild.

Scott Tunnix, narrator, “Love in the Jungle”: “Deep in the remote jungles of Colombia, a new species has been spotted at the watering hole: humans.”

Actions speak louder than words on the new reality dating series “Love in the Jungle.”

Scott Tunnix: “These humans are using animal mating techniques in their search for true love.”

The Discovery+ show takes singles away from the wild of the city and drops them into the literal wild.

The catch? They’re not allowed to speak and must act out everything they want.

Lynsey Fuller, participant, “Love in the Jungle”: “‘Love in the Jungle’ is something different than I’ve ever seen before. I’ve never seen a show where you can’t talk, and it’s honestly insane.”

Miami’s own Lynsey Fuller is one of 14 hopefuls looking for love on this feral adventure.

Lynsey Fuller: “I did not know what I was getting myself into at all. I thought I was going to be staying in a villa, and then I get there, and I’m staying in a giant treehouse in the middle of the jungle, and I find out that I can’t even talk.”

Lynsey is no stranger to the dating scene in the Magic City, but she was over dating just anybody, and she was ready to try something new.

Lynsey Fuller: “I went on to this show because living in the jungle of Miami, it’s just a world of dating, and that’s all it probably ever will be. It’s really hard to find someone that wants to settle down, have one person, start a family.”

Lynsey Fuller (on the show): “I’m a tiger. I have a big appetite. I’m trying to eat.”

Lynsey Fuller: “It was very – kind of almost like nerve-racking at first. How do you, like, interact with people without talking? I don’t want to look stupid. But luckily, I got the tiger, so it was like a little bit easier to communicate. I could hiss, I could meow, I could roar, I could crawl around.”

The group performed several mating rituals in order to attract their mate, like the one where the girls got covered in feathers and pink paint and danced like a flamingo for a date, and the boys rolled around in mud like a red deer.

Lynsey Fuller: “The audience can expect a plot twist every single episode.”

Austin Nogiec, participant, “Love in the Jungle”: “What can I say? I’m a koala, she was the peacock I was looking for. I think I’m falling for that girl, I really do.”

Participant, “Love in the Jungle”: “I am literally in love with someone right now!”

Paige Dacanay, participant, “Love in the Jungle”: “Yeah, I’m gonna take your man. I’m an Alpha. I get what I want.”

All is fair in “Love in the Jungle,” but catching a mate might not be enough. They’re gonna have to fight to keep them as well.

Participant, “Love in the Jungle”: “I guess mating rituals work, because I’ve never been more attracted to Stephan before!”

If you want to get down in the wild, you can stream all the fierce action of “Love in the Jungle” Sunday nights on Discovery+.

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