Business trips can be pretty boring, unless you bring some friends along … but fun and friends turn into frantic everything in the new comedy “Joy Ride.” Trust me, I took a ride with the cast on Friday.

Let’s get one thing straight.

Stephanie Hsu (as Kat): “Our passports are in my suitcase that got stolen.”

The outrageous new comedy “Joy Ride”…

Ashley Park (as Audrey): “Oh, my God! You’re a drug dealer?!”

Meredith Hagner (as Jess): “You’re a drug dealer now!”

…is a ride all right — for adults only.

Ashley Park: “We would see the schedule for the next week and be like, ‘Oh, my gosh, the drugs on the train.’ ‘Oh, my gosh, the clubs and the throw-up.’ ‘Oh, my gosh, the sex montage.'”

Oh, yeah. Montage.

Sherry Cola: “The script was JUST incredible, the first of its kind, really. The fact that it was being made, I think all of us are pinching ourselves.”

Ashley Park plays Audrey, whose business trip to Asia goes sideways after she enlists the help of Lolo, her childhood best friend, played by Sherry Cola, and Kat — that’s Stephanie Hsu — a college friend.

Stephanie Hsu: “It was so liberating, honestly, to get to just let it all hang out, just have fun, make fun of ourselves, and I feel like we all saw the script, we were all like, ‘Sign me up, sign me up.'”

Plus, it turns out, Deadeye, Lolo’s eccentric cousin.

Sabrina Wu: “I guess I’m a sick freak, ’cause I was like, ‘I thought we could have done more.'”

Not really sure there was more to do. But the epic, no-holds-barred experience becomes a journey of bonding, friendship, belonging and wild debauchery that leads them to a universal truth.

Ashley Park: “Everybody feels alone at some point, and everybody feels like an outsider and an other, and it’s how you reclaim yourself within and understand that no part of you is what defines you.”

Oof. Did you feel that, too? Let’s rewind the tape.

Ashley Park: “And understand that no part of you is what defines you.”

Preach, sis. And, if you’re a K-pop stan, listen up.

Ashley Park: “I think the heroes of this movie are, like, Army, the BTS Army are the fans.”

Plus, “Emily in Paris” fans, where Ashley plays Emily’s best friend, Mindy.

Ashley Park: “I think she could hang with this crowd.”

Well, according to Sherry, she most certainly could.

Sherry Cola: “Now I’m shipping Lolo with Mindy.”

By the way, shipping means you’re wishing for two people to couple up.

Sherry Cola: “Wait, that was weird. I literally said that forgetting that you are Mindy.”

Ashley Park: “Mindy Chen?”

Sherry Cola: “Yes, but like, I was shipping the character forgetting that we would have to, like, make out.”

Oh, and why Deadeye?

Sabrina Wu: “People ask me how I got the iconic Deadeye face; it’s just my face.”

All right, then, Deadeye. how about a staring contest?

Sabrina Wu: “This is an amazing use of your minutes.”

Alex Miranda: “You are trying to manipulate me.”

Sabrina Wu: “Yeah.”

Alex Miranda: “By talking a lot, by answering questions.”

Sabrina Wu: “Everything hurts.”

[Sabrina looks away.]

Alex Miranda: “Yes!”

Ashley Park: “In fairness, we’ve had very little sleep in the past week.”

“Joy Ride” arrives in theater on Wednesday.

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