The riskiest thing Shireen has ever done is doing a shot of wheatgrass, and probably jaywalking. She still feels bad about both. I don’t think she’d fit in with the “Jackass” crew, because in their new movie, Johnny Knoxville shooting himself out of a cannon is just the start. Deco reporter and frequent cannon shooter Alex Miranda has the story.

In “Jackass Forever,” Johnny and the gang are back, now with some new daredevils, for another shocking but hysterical go at … well, pure absurdity.

“Jackass.” Can I even say that on TV?

Food truck employee: “Here, I made you another one.” [pow!]

Is back on the big screen and, oh, goodness, here we go again.

: “The wait is over!”

In “Jackass Forever,” Johnny Knoxville…

Snake handler: “It’s a Texas rat snake.”

Johnny Knoxville: “Venomous?”

Snake handler: “Ehhh.”

Steve-O and the rest of the gang put their lives, or more specifically, groins on the line for another round of hilarious, absurd, and — let’s be real — dangerous stunts.

Johnny Knoxville: “It just makes for great footage.”

But Johnny took some really bad hits while playing a trick on this, um, not so happy bull. Including, he says, brain damage, a broken wrist and ribs!

Alex Miranda: “Please give us the update.”

Johnny Knoxville: “I am fully recovered, and yes, I got smoked by that bull who hated magic.”

Needless to say, do not try any of this at home.

Alex Miranda: “What is coming up? Is it even worse than we’ve seen in the past?”

Johnny Knoxville: “Well, we never try to outdo ourselves when we’re making one of these. We’re just trying to be funny, but we naturally outdo ourselves, because what was funny to us a while back isn’t as funny to us now.”

Like, remember these stunts from the first “Jackass” movie back in 2002?

Ugh. Or how about the rat trap from another entry in the franchise? It all still holds up.

But for the first time, the old cast is mixing with a new crew.

Johnny Knoxville: “At first, it was like touch and go, for a few hours on the first day. It was like, ‘Why are these new people here? We got this.’ But really quickly, everyone gelled.”

And unsuspecting celebrity guests, like Machine Gun Kelly.

Machine Gun Kelly: “You said it wasn’t going to feel like anything!”

Johnny Knoxville: “It turned out to be a very special overall group.”

“Jackass Forever” hits theaters — and I mean really hits theaters — this Friday.

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