When you say “shotgun wedding,” that normally implies there’s a baby on the way. But in a new JLo and Josh Duhamel romantic comedy with a big side of action there are a ton more surprises than just a little goober.

As entertainment news connoisseurs, we’re very well versed in JLo’s wedding history.

But Josh Duhamel has quite the story to tell too.

Could his wedding weekend drama top even the plot of this crazy fun movie? You tell us.

This time, you can use the phrase shotgun wedding literally, because there’s wedding drama, and then there’s pirates take everyone hostage wedding drama.

Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel star as fiances in “Shotgun Wedding,” a destination romantic action comedy.

But, just as this couple get cold feet, the two have to save all their loved ones, including comedy queen Jennifer Coolidge’s character, Carol.

Now, we all love both Jens.

Alex Miranda: “You had Jennifer Coolidge over here. You had Jennifer Lopez over there.”

But which would Josh really like to call family?

Josh Duhamel: “There are a lot of great things about both of them. I would welcome either.”

Steve Coulter: “Good answer.”

Josh Duhamel: “I really would.”

Steve Coulter: “And you’re getting to work with people at the top of their game, and it makes you better.”

Steve Coulter plays Josh’s father, Larry, in the movie.

Steve Coulter: “I remember feeling very protective of you.”

Josh Duhamel: “Really?”

Steve Coulter: “Yeah, because it was just like, ‘don’t leave him alone’ or ‘has Josh had a break?'”

And in real life, we’re both learning.

Steve Coulter: “Just be nice to my boy.”

Josh Duhamel: “Was somebody being mean? I don’t remember that.”

Steve Coulter: “No, but you know all the circumstances.”

Josh Duhamel: “Thanks, dad.”

Josh needed all that during his wedding weekend last year, with Miss World America 2016, Audra Mari.

Josh Duhamel: “I threw my back out the night before the wedding dancing in the back of a party bus.”

Right after the rehearsal dinner. What a nightmare.

Josh Duhamel: “Couldn’t get out of bed the morning of the wedding. Two hours before I had to be dressed and walking down the aisle I had to be in the emergency room giving me shots. Tore my back.”

Yes, he said the ER.

Josh Duhamel: “And I was fine for the rest of the day, and then the next morning after the thing I couldn’t get out of bed again.”

A trouper in injury and in health.

Josh Duhamel: “But I was able to walk down the aisle and all was good. I even danced.”

Josh and Audra have a 21-year age gap, and the leading man jokes with us:

Josh Duhamel: “I was like, can you image if I had like, ‘[makes old man noises].'”

Steve Coulter: “Papa’s coming to get married.”

Josh Duhamel: “Ha!”

“Shotgun Wedding” premieres Jan. 27, next Friday, on Prime Video.

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