He hasn’t recorded new music in three years, but Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz is back.

His eighth album features a new sound and vibe, inspired by someone very close to his heart.

Jason Mraz singing: “My kind of magic. It’s automatic.”

Jason Mraz returns to his pop roots with his new album, “Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride.”

Jason Mraz singing: “I hear mystical, magical, rhythmical, radical ride, I think of life, so, to think that life is a mystical, magical, rhythmical radical ride is, Makes me want to enjoy the ride and live gratefully and live present and aware and awake.”

Jason Mraz singing: “If you need fire, I am your match.”

When it came to figuring out what songs to put on his project, the two-time Grammy winner hit up his mom for some advice.

Because we all know mother knows best.

Jason Mraz: “I was sharing songs with my mom last year and they were, you know, acoustic-driven and she heard what we were up to, kind of folky. She goes, ‘This is good.’ she goes, ‘But, I think you all need to create a pop album before it’s too late,’ and I heard those words, ‘before it’s too late’ and they, like, echoed through my mind.”

Jason’s been in the music biz for a minute.

The guy’s got seven albums, but he still knows he’s gotta keep up with the “youngins” to be successful.

Jason Mraz: “I’m in an industry of, like, a lot of young people, right, especially in the dance music scene, so, I felt like if I want to participate in dance, I need to do this and I felt like my mom was speaking from a place of experience.”

The singer turned 46 last Friday and celebrated by dropping his new tunes.

Jason Mraz: “It’s awesome. I get the best birthdays. I’ve always loved that my birthday is right in the middle of the year. You know, it’s just as a little kid, it’s like it’s the start of summer. You know, you’re, you’re light years from the holidays, so you get a nice little holiday right in the middle of the year.”

Jason Mraz singing: “I feel like dancing. I feel like dancing.

Mraz kicks off his tour for the new album next month.

If you’re a fan, you’re in luck. He’ll be playing at Boca Raton’s Mizner Park Amphitheater on August 12.

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