It sucks to be a blood sucker right now, because Jamie Foxx is out to get ’em. Jamie’s a vampire hunter in “Dayshift,” but tonight, he’s in South Florida for the premiere.

Jamie Foxx may be a vampire hunter in the new Netflix flick “Dayshift,” but at the star-studded Miami premiere Tuesday night inside Silver Spot Cinema…

Alex Miranda: “I’ve seen a couple of zombies in Downtown Miami before. Are you seeing any vampires here tonight?”

Jamie Foxx: “I’ve been part of those zombies the past couple of days.”

Alex Miranda: “Club Space action.”

Jamie Foxx: “Club Space action, you know what I’m saying? We’re just kicking it.”

And by kicking it, he means the undead. Jamie plays Bud, a hard-working, blue-collar dad who just wants to provide a good life for his family, so you know, he’s got a side hustle, hunting and killing vampires.

Alex Miranda: “Is there still a side hustle that Jamie Foxx has not tapped into yet, but he still wants to tap into?”

Jamie Foxx: “Yeah, T-shirt business. I got a T-shirt machine at the crib, so y’all be looking out at making all these original T-shirts. That’s my side hustle.”

Alex Miranda: “You sending them down to Deco Drive?”

Jaime Foxx: “They all coming out to Deco Drive. You know, we gotta hit the 305 baby. This movie has what I call eating popcorn moments when you are like, ‘Oh.’ It was so scary, and it was so much fun, ’cause usually like when movies are too much fun, they don’t come out good, so I’m excited to let people check it out.”

With the help of fellow hunter Big John, or Snoop Dogg, and young businessman Seth…

Dave Franco: “He’s more of a bookish guy, you know, he has read everything there is to know about vampire hunting, and he has his convictions and his morals, and so he like, stands up for himself. He’s not always a push over.”

Played by Dave Franco…

Alex Miranda: “In one amazing moment in the movie, he is so scared, he literally wets his pants.”

Dave Franco: “It almost happened today.”

Alex Miranda: “No way, how?”

Dave Franco: “I’m not a very good flyer, and if there’s a little bit of turbulence, I just start gripping those arm rests. Let’s just say we were close to peeing my pants today.”

Jamie Foxx: “It’s fun, and the stunts that you see, it’s amazing, and it’s practical.”

Where a secret society tries to keep the vamps’ increasing power from seeing the light of day. Get it?

Jamie Foxx: “I cannot wait for people to get a dose of this and find out how to kill vampires right here on ‘Dayshift.'”

After all, in 2022, would a vampire takeover even surprise you that much?

“Dayshift” will be streaming on Netflix Friday, Aug. 12.

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