You may want to contact your primary doctor right now, because something is going around. It’s called mango madness, and it’s taking over South Florida — despite a weaker season, less fruitful, unfortunately.

So take advantage of two mango festivals popping off soon in South Florida. Deco stopped by both hotspots for a taste.

Mango season in South Florida is in full bloom, and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is gearing up for its annual Mango Festival.

Eoghan Daly: “Mango Festival is one of Fairchild’s premium festivals that we have going on. It’s our summertime one; it’s basically a celebration of tropical fruit, particularly mangoes.”

The two-day festival begins July 13 and features everything you love about the sweet fruit.

Eoghan Daly: “We have mango smoothies, we have mango tastings, we have a mango lecture going on, and then we also have a lot of activities for kids that are based around mangoes, as well.”

And how about mango-flavored beer? Cerveceria La Tropical has you covered.

Irina: “Stop by for samples. Stop by for seconds. We’ll be there, for sure, to refresh you.”

La Tropical was Cuba’s first brewery, established in 1888. So you know they know mango.

Irina: “I definitely ask all my neighbors that have mango trees if they have any to spare.”

Alex Miranda: “At least you asked, because some people will just take, right?!”

Irina: “They’ll climb the fence?”

Alex Miranda: “Yes, every time!”

And kiwi! Both in their dulce sour brew.

Irina: “It has elements of sour that come from the kiwi and the fermentation process. And then we have the sweet elements that come from the mango.”

Made from 100% real fruit purée.

Tucker: “That was very, very good. And I’m not a big sour fan, either, but I would absolutely get another one.”

Which has Tyler feeling festive.

Tyler: “If your boyfriend doesn’t like your fruit jokes, you’ve got to let that man go.”

All right, that was good.

Irina: “Also, you can take off the glasses off.”

[Alex looks at the camera.]

Mouthwatering mango mania.

Alex Miranda: “I think we should go and rob a bunch of mango trees. What do you think?”

Irina: “Your neighbor’s or mine?”

But wait! There’s more! On Sunday, July 14, the festival will host its Mango Brunch.

Eoghan Daly: “It’s centered around some of our awesome chefs that we have here in South Florida.”

Like Chef Allen Susser, who says he’s preparing a mango dish full of flavor.

Chef Allen Susser: “For the Mango Festival Sunday brunch, what I’ve got is a pan-roasted green mango shrimp, and with that, I’m going to do a mango macadamia nut rice, which is a jasmine rice, seasoned and spiced and full of flavor. “

Sound delicious. But Island Space Caribbean Museum in Broward wants to invite you to their Mango Festival, too.

Mandy LaGurre: “We are having a Mango Festival, and that’s going to be on Sunday, July 7, from 12 to 6. We are going to have a variety of mangoes here for guests to purchase. We are also going to have vendors that are selling mango products.”

One of those vendors is Chef Nadine Taylor, whose Caribbean and Indian background inspired the dish she will serve at the event.

Chef Nadine Taylor: “I’m making a jerk shrimp taco with a mango salsa, and I’ve also paired it with a mango chutney.”

But food isn’t the only draw to this festival.

Mandy LaGurre: “The beauty of our events in general is that you get to not only enjoy the event that’s happening at the time, but you get to walk through the journey of the Caribbean people.”

If you would like tickets or more information on Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden’s Mango Festival, click here. If you would like tickets or more information on the Island Space Caribbean Museum’s Mango Festival, click here.

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