There’s classical music, and then there’s pop music. Two different styles with two different fan bases … but don’t tell that to Violectric. The instrumental group is mixing the two genres and bringing their special sound to SoFlo.

The hits of The Who, Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen. Their music and hits from other legendary artists are coming together in a new light, thanks to Violectric.

Michelle Jones: “Violectric is a string rock band, it’s all instrumental, and there are no vocals, no guitars. Everything is covered by one of the people you see in this picture.”

Their repertoire is constantly expanding from suggestions by the players — and the fans who listen to them.

Michelle Jones: “A lot of it comes from the band members — they say, ‘Ooh, I think we should play this song,’ ‘OK, let’s play that song’ — and then some of it comes from the audience. We love hearing from our fans.”

Using classical instruments for contemporary music may have seemed strange years ago. But not anymore.

Michelle Jones: “I think that as times and technology have evolved, so has the need for different instruments and musicians and where they belong.”

A Violectric show is not just for your ears only. There’s a lot to see, as well.

Michelle Jones: “There is a light show that goes with it, it goes with the stage lighting, it goes with the instruments. Our bows light up, our instruments light up, our harp lights up.”

Be prepared to get up close and personal with the members of Violectric. They will literally bring the music right to you.

Michelle Jones: “We are wireless, and we can actually come stroll and walk out into the audience and interact with the guests while we’re there.”

Violectric will be performing at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center next Thursday, Oct. 26.

Violectric Halloween Rock Concert & Costume Contest
Thursday, Oct. 26, 7 p.m.
Pompano Beach Cultural Center
50 West Atlantic Blvd.
Pompano Beach, FL 33060

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