When you think about the future, what comes to mind? Flying cars? Living in space? How about robots who become closer to you than your spouse or your parents? Sounds a little bit creepy, but that’s what happens in Colin Farrell’s new movie “After Yang.”

Colin Farrell (as Jake): “Come on, Yang. What are you doing? Come on.”

In “After Yang” families have human beings and robots as family members

Justin H. Min (as Yang): “May I be honest with you?”

Jodie Turner-Smith (as Kyra): “Why, yes. Is not being honest an option for you?”

This isn’t some Jetsons kind of thing.

Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja (as Mika): “Do you want him back?”

Jodie Turner-Smith (as Kyra): “Of course I do.”

Colin Farrell (as Jake): “I want him back, too. I just need a little more time.”

It’s a world where lifelike androids can become more important than anyone else.

Colin Farrell is Jake. When his daughter’s bionic pal, Yang, breaks down, Dad gets a reality check. He realizes his family needs to be fixed, too.

Colin Farrell: “It was about getting lost in your life, getting unfocused in relation to the things that you once held as important.”

Justin H. Min (as Yang): “I wish I had a real memory.”

Colin Farrell (as Jake): “What do you mean?”

Justin H. Min is the bot gone bad. As the family tries to figure out life without him, they find out Yang wanted to be more than computer chips.

Colin Farrell (as Jake): “Did Yang want to be human?”

Haley Lu Richardson Ias Ada): “That’s such a human thing to ask, isn’t it?”

Justin H. Min: “I was very, very moved by this script. I ended up reading it on an airplane, and I just started to sob.”

“After Yang” is a little deep, but we need that every now and then.

Colin Farrell: “It was about returning to oneself, and then returning to the place that one had built: a home with one’s wife and one’s child.”

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