Don’t be embarrassed. It’s totally natural to occasionally feel a little unicorn-y. Deco’s Alex Miranda knows that feeling.

Unicorns captured my imagination since “My Little Pony.” Remember those toys from the ’90s? Well, turns out kids still love unicorns to this day, and on Friday, I went to Unicorn World at the Miami Beach Convention Center to learn all things neigh.

What is a unicorn, aside form a really fabulous, fantasy horse?

Patrick Mines: “The unicorn to us represents the creativity, the magic, the playfulness of being a child.”

Come find out, at Unicorn World.

Alex Miranda: “Because unicorns are what? Real.”

Patrick Mines: “They’re real.”

Alex Miranda: “They’re real.”

Patrick Mines: “They’re here in Miami.”

Alex Miranda: “Yeah.”

Patrick Mines: “That’s right.”

An immersive, interactive and very themed experience, open now through Sunday.

Patrick Mines: “There’s this whole unicorn culture out there.”

Alex Miranda: “And dressed up, too?”

Patrick Mines: “I know.”

Alex Miranda: “Am I the only one who didn’t get the memo?”

Patrick Mines: “It’s like they’ve had these in their closets. They have!”

Inside the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Alex Miranda: “What was it like when you first walked in?”

Stacy Tompkins: “Magical?”

She may be laughing, but we’re not kidding.

Derail White: “I actually loved the fairy, the fairy they have walking around. She’s so cute and so nice.”

Alex Miranda: “She was great, wasn’t she?”

Derail White: “She was. She got on the floor with them and everything.”

Me too. Here we are, frolicking though an enchanted forest.

Alex Miranda: “Ophelia, where are we going?”

Ophelia: “To my house.”

Alex Miranda: “Is it in the woods?”

This little angel knows exactly where she’s going.

Alex Miranda: “Are you gong in the ball pit?”

Child: “Yeah.”

Alex Miranda: “Do you like ball pits?”

Child: “Yeah.”

Alex Miranda: “Are they super fun?”

Child: “Yeah.”

Alex Miranda: “Are you good at them?”

Child: “Yeah.”

Alex Miranda: “Are you the best?”

Child: “Yeah.”

[Alex and Derail laugh.]

All while passing custom made, life-size and moving unicorns.

Stacy Tompkins: “My daughter loves unicorns. Her birthday is on Sunday, and we did a unicorn theme party.”

OK, Mom seriously nailed it this year, then.

Patrick Mines: “This is one-on-one time with your children. No screens, no distractions. A lot of smiles, a lot of hand holding.”

Don’t forget the gift shop, and…

Patrick Mines: “We’ve got arts and crafts, face painting, plenty of photo ops.”

And if you’re feeling extra, as they say…

Patrick Mines: “You can pay for professional photography. Your child can dress as a fairy or a prince.”

Tickets are $40 per person. Kids under 2 are free.

Alex Miranda: “And you know she’s going to remember this.”

Derail White: “She’s going to remember this forever. She’s taking so many pictures. She’s going to hang them up on her wall. She’s going to talk about these unicorns all week.”

Some of the experiences come at an additional price. They recommend buying tickets ahead of time, and online, since you have to choose an entrance time.

Unicorn World
June 2-4. 2023
Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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