Imagine Dragons is rocking a brand new album, “Loom,” and this by the way is their sixth album. And coming up with fresh songs, well that is never easy. Lead singer, Dan Reynolds, spilled the beans on how to keep the song-writing flames going.

Imagine Dragons: “Wheels up when I’m off the ground, I’m nowhere, but I’m all around, I’m spinnin-in-in’, watch me now”

Imagine Dragons is roaring with new sounds.

Imagine Dragons: “Big man when a wall between us, Big man gonna break to pieces, Spinnin-in-in’, can’t believe it, Spinnin-in-in’ (Spinnin-in-in’)”

Their album “Loom” is out with a mix of energetic songs.

Dan Reynolds: “This was actually done differently than our, than all the previous records.”

Imagine Dragons: “First things first, I’ma say all the words inside my head, I’m fired up and tired of the way that things have been”

The rock band has evolved since coming into the music scene in 2008. And having options is key.

Dan Reynolds: “I typically always write 100 plus demos on my own before we go in the studio and then we comb through those and work with the producer to decide what songs and then we kind of strip them back.”

Imagine Dragons: “Lock me up in a maze (Oh), Turn out, turn out the lights (Oh, oh, oh-oh), I was born, I was raised for this (Oh), Turn out, turn out the lights (Oh-oh, oh)”

Changing up their process is good for the rock band.

Dan Reynolds: “We decided to work with Mattman & Robin, the Swedish producers that we love, that we’ve worked with a lot of years, and they kind of pitched the idea. We were listening through demos and they thought, well, why not for once, start from scratch?”

Imagine Dragons: “…drivin’ in my car, throwin’ up my hands, put it in coast, I could do this with my eyes closed”

The challenge was exciting for lead singer, Dan Reynolds.

Imagine Dragons: “Anyway, it’s nice to meet ya, Anyway, it’s nice to meet ya”

Dan Reynolds: “I was up for it because I love to write. I do it, I mean, there’s a reason there’s over 100 demos every time. It’s just because it’s a joy for me. So I was excited by it.”

Lots of demos and lots of writing, the precious nine on the album are special.

Dan Reynolds: “And then we just started writing from scratch for a couple of months, probably wrote about 30 songs, something like that, and then we narrowed it down to the nine that made the record.”

A world tour of “Loom” is firing up July 30th with a stop in West Palm Beach, August 30th.

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