Hulu is collaborating with Oprah Winfrey as the executive producer of “Black Cake.” It’s about a mother’s confession to her kids and her secret past.

The first three episodes of the family drama are now streaming. We caught up with the show’s creator to tell us more. Take a look.

Ashley Thomas (as Byron): “You don’t just get to blow in here acting like you care all of a sudden.”

Adrienne Warren (as Benny): “I’m not acting. Ma is dead.”

Hulu’s eight-episode miniseries “Black Cake” is produced by Oprah Winfrey, and it’ll have you asking your mom, “What secret past are you hiding?”

Chipo Chung (as Eleanor Bennett): “In order to ensure my safety, someone would have to die.”

The murder mystery is based on Charmaine Wilkerson’s best-selling novel.

Mia Isaac (as Covey): “For the rest of my life, I’m going to keep looking over my shoulder.”

It follows a teen who created a new identity to escape her past.

For show creator Marissa Jo Cerar, putting together the epic story was a no-brainer.

Marissa Jo Cerar: “The moment I read it, I was like, ‘I absolutely have to do this. I love this so much.'”

Chipo Chung (as Eleanor Bennett): “I must confess, Eleanor is not my real name.”

It was challenging finding the right Chinese-Jamaican teen who could morph into an older character. Until Mia Isaac came into the picture.

Marissa Jo Cerar: “There was nobody until Mia showed up on her screen test and just blew me away, and I finally saw Covey when I met Mia.”

Adrienne Warren (as Benny): “With the stress of all these secrets weighing on her. She must’ve felt so alone.”

Pushing the boundaries and traveling to different countries during the 1960s, for women, can be very empowering.

Marissa Jo Cerar: “All of these strong female characters, I just don’t mean strong like heroic, I mean, just complex, layered, nuanced female characters.”

Chipo Chung (as Eleanor Bennett): “This is your story, too.”

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