Fans of actor Jason Momoa are getting a taste of his newly released vodka — along with a chance to meet him. He says he’s been developing the spirit for the last seven years.

The “Fast and Furious” star was in South Florida on Thursday to share his creation. Deco’s own vodka expert, Alex Miranda, was there.

Jason Momoa isn’t just Aquaman.

Jason Momoa (as Arthur Curry/Aquaman): “Oh, yeah, I finally got a job. I’m the King of Atlantis.”

Fan 1: “He’s humble, he’s sweet, he’s kind, he’s handsome, he’s a great father.”

Alex Miranda: “You just described the perfect man.”

At this Oakland Park ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on North Federal Highway, Thursday afternoon…

Fan 2: “He gave me a high-five, and I’m not washing this hand.”

Fan 3: “Surprisingly, I was calm, but I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, he’s so tall and beautiful. Like, how is he not? I mean, he’s perfect.”

…he was also Vodka Man.

Jason Momoa: “We’re really proud of this thing, because it’s simple three ingredients. It’s corn, beautiful water source, and it’s wheat. It’s a real honest drink, and it’s from us.”

In case you didn’t know, Jason owns a liquor brand, Meili Vodka.

Fan 4: “Actually, it’s really good. It’s gluten free, so it’s not, like, so pungent.”

Fan 5: “It’s a smooth tasting vodka, and it doesn’t give you a headache the next day.”

Fan 4: “No, I did not get a headache, no.”

Fans waited hours.

Fan 6: “I’ve been here about four hours.”

Fan 7: “Since 9:50 in the morning, and it’s currently almost 2 p.m.”

Some waited all day to get their vodka bottle signed, posters.

Alex Miranda: “But you can’t drink from this bottle. You’ve got to just keep this one, no?”

Fan 6: “I’m going to keep it.”

Fan 3: “It’s going down tonight.”

Alex Miranda: “Are you a bigger fan of Jason Momoa or vodka? Tell me. Be honest.”

Fan 8: “Jason.”

Fan 7: “Oh, my God. He’s so hot, Like, I am sweating.”

So, is he as good looking in person as on the big screen?

Fan 9: “Most definitely, better looking. We saw him already.”

Fan 7: “So much better in person. Like, when I went up to him, he was very sweet, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, you;re like the sweetest giant.”

Or in cardboard cutout?

Alex Miranda: “Do we think this is really how tall he is?”

Fan 10: “No, they told me it’s not.”

Fan 11: “Taller.”

Sure, they love his looks.

Fan 5: “He’s my future husband, y’all.”

Alex Miranda: “Does he know that yet?”

Fan 5: “Not yet.”

Alex Miranda: “You’ve got a competition going here, because he’s also my future husband.”

Fan 5: “We can totally share. We’ll work it out. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.”

Fan 4: “So I fit in there somewhere.”

Alex Miranda. “Nowhere. There’s not enough room for you.”

They also love his talent.

Fan 12: “‘Game of Thrones,’ for sure.”

Fan 2: “Mine was ‘Aquaman.’ He came out of that water, like, wow.”

Alex Miranda: “Your life was changed forever.”

Fan 2: “Oh, my goodness, yeah!”

And, many say, they just think he’s just a good guy.

Fan 5: “You know what? He’s just a fantastic human, so I’ve heard.”

Fan 4: “Oh, my God, my heart’s still racing.”

And, if you haven’t tried Meili yet, it’s won a bunch of awards, it’s made with 100% recycled glass and Montana spring water, so it’s good for the planet.

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