Things are getting a little weird at the Magic City Innovation Center, but that’s part of the fun. House of Infinite Potential is one art exhibit that you’ll have to experience to understand what it is. Our own Alex Miranda is in the middle of it, and we hope that he can unlock his true potential.

House of Infinite Potential.

Pan Pantoja: “The structure itself is 100 foot long, 50 foot deep and 16 feet tall.”

No, not the gym we pay for but never go to.

Pan Pantoja: “It’s like going to a different planet.”

Oh, this must be where Doja Cat is from.

Doja Cat (singing): “Yuh.”

Nah, the immersive and interactive art exhibit in Little Haiti.

Pan Pantoja: “This is all done by artists. This is the purest event you will see here.”

He means during all of Miami Art Week.

Pan Pantoja: “I want to remind the world that it’s OK to be more than one thing.”

Yeah, like happy Art Basel is back, but also annoyed by the traffic.

Although this may help.

Pan Pantoja: “They meditate with you, they bring you into the moment.”

That’s just one of nine experiences, each more kooky than the next.

Pan Pantoja: “You can visit the reverend’s house, and the reverend, Do It!, is uh…”

I’m sorry, what was his name again?

Pan Pantoja: “Do It!”

One more time?

Pan Pantoja: “Do It!”

Oh, OK. Just checking.

Pan Pantoja: “He’s an amazing performance artist in that he actually did start a fake church, and people followed him, and people hated him, and for a character he made up, and I love that kind of stuff.”

Well, you know what I love? A gift shop.

Pan Pantoja: “We have the Not-So-Merch booth, an experience in capitalism. Like, good luck buying anything in there.”

And how about this ball pit?

Pan Pantoja: “It gives adults the chance to feel like a child again. every time I fall back in that ball pit, I feel like I’m 5.”

Is it just me, or is it all giving off Burning Man vibes?

Pan Pantoja: “Jerry Schneider is in the middle with his amazing lanterns. He was featured at Burning Man.”

Oh, no wonder. Now, there’s also…

Pan Pantoja: “This room of spinning clocks, and she’s in there absolutely manic, like, she’s insane, and it really gets your attention, and people might jump out and scare you.”

But if you need to recover from that, here’s…

Pan Pantoja: “A poet who reminds you that you’re the miracle.”

Aww. Now, speaking of miracles, artist Tom Franco…

Tom Franco: “We’re going by Tom Franco and the Ice-Creams for this event. our room is called The Land of Peaceful Pipes.”

Looks just like his brothers, James and Dave Franco. Yeah, the actors. Don’t you see it?

Tom Franco: “For live painting, I have a group of four main artists, including myself.”

Didn’t expect a Franco? Well, Pan says expect…

Tom Franco: “To have your mind altered, and it is so authentic.”

The House of Infinite Potential is open through Sunday. Tickets start at $25.

The House of Infinite Potential
Space Park
240 NE 61st St.
Miami, FL 33137

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