Sex, money, power, greed, betrayal. Throw in some stale donuts, and it’s an average day at the Deco office. It also describes the plot of “House of Gucci.” Deco caught up with the stars of this real-life story about how fashion and passion turned into murder.

Jared Leto (as Paolo Gucci): “You picked a real firecracker.”

Adam Driver (as Maurizio Gucci): “She’s a handful.”

Lady Gaga (as Patrizia Reggiani): “Bravo.”

Lady Gaga, Adam Driver and a barely recognizable Jared Leto star in “House of Gucci.” It’s the story of the 1995 shooting of the head of the legendary fashion line.

Lady G says she had a love-hate relationship with her character, Patrizia Reggiani.

Lady Gaga: “I admired her strength. I also admired her weaknesses, and playing a murderer is hard, because I inherently don’t believe in the evil that she colluded with at the end of her life.”

Gaga believes female movie fans will get what makes Patrizia eventually hire hit men to murder her husband, Maurizio Gucci.

Lady Gaga : “You watch the story the story of a woman unraveling, and it’s a story that really only women really can understand, in a way, when it comes to her.”

Adam Driver plays the doomed businessman who is seduced by love and power.

Adam Driver (as Maurizio Gucci): “I have been a Gucci all my life. It is an empire.”

Lady Gaga (as Patrizia Reggiani): “You can help the family.”

Maurizio’s marriage to Patrizia puts him through changes he never saw coming.

Adam Driver: “He’s a member of the family. He can see from a distance how people feel underappreciated and dynamics polluted, all for the sake of power, but then falls in love and is seduced by the very thing that he knows is kind of bad for him.”

Jared Leto disguises himself to bring Maurizio’s cousin, designer Paolo Gucci, to life. He was the joke of the family and got no respect at all.

Al Pacino (as Aldo Gucci): “Paolo, you’re a Gucci. You need to dress the part.”

Jared Leto (as Paolo Gucci): “It’s chic.”

The actor saw an entirely different side to his character.

Jared Leto: “I felt like I understood him. He’s a frustrated artist, someone who’s never been given the opportunity to share his work with the world, and he’s got this giant dysfunctional family that marginalizes him.”

Jared thinks changing his look to become Paolo was a decision moviegoers will dig.

Jared Leto: “It allows audiences to suspend disbelief for a moment, and with that, maybe get a deeper involvement and engagement in the story, in the film.”

Lady Gaga (as Patrizia Reggiani): “I subscribe to unconventional punishment.”

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