Some like it hot. Some like it sweaty, really sweaty. We’re talking about Inferno Pilates classes at YO BK in Wynwood, where you’ll be feeling hot, hot, hot, under the disco ball.

Don’t let the disco ball fool you. This is a workout.

At YO BK at Wynwood’s Oasis, they’re cranking up their Pilates a few degrees.

But along with the heat, you’re gonna feel the beat.

Kate Durand, YO BK: “The Inferno Pilates classes here are a total party vibe. It’s almost like you’re being tricked into thinking that you’re having the best time ever while you’re getting a great workout on. We have a disco ball, we have party lights, we’ve got a great sound system here in place.”

But in reality, you’re getting a full body HIIT. That’s high-intensity training.

Kate Durand: “We use a lot of moves from classic mat Pilates. However, we apply them in a HIIT format, which helps get the heart rate up in short bursts of time, and there’s always time to recover and get ready for what’s next.”

And that’s why they call it an inferno.

Kate Durand: “We keep the classes at 95 to 100 degrees, so you can definitely expect to sweat a lot.”

Better bring an extra towel.

The heat also helps give your heart a good workout as well.

Kate Durand: “It additionally helps build flexibility and strength. It creates compact muscles that are hugging in towards the bone, so you’re creating lean muscle mass.”

And just like school, no cellphones allowed in class.

Kate Durand: “The biggest benefit is really taking an hour out of your day without your phone, without your responsibilities, to better yourself.

Because here, it’s about the fun and being in the moment.

Anna Gutierrez, customer: “You feel really special coming in here. There’s a disco ball, the environment’s great. It’s really fun, which not a lot of people can say about a workout class.”

YO BK – Miami
2335 N Miami Ave,
Miami, FL 33127

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