It’s the fitness trend that’s taking over TikTok: hot girl walks. Boyfriends, husbands, feel free to take a bathroom break. Basically, you walk, it’s hot, and you’re a girl … so, naturally, they put me on the story.

But there’s one more thing: you join a whole new positive community of girlfriends.

“Hot Girl Summer” music video: “Calling all hotties.”

She’s talking to you!

Alex Miranda: “Am I a hot girl, or no boys allowed?”

Gabriela Ayala: “You’re definitely a hot girl. You can be an honorary hot girl.”

For hot girl walks!

Gabriela Ayala: “It literally means you just go on a walk, and you just feel your best self. That’s basically it.”

Alex Miranda: “You’re just feeling hot?”

Gabriela Ayala: “Yeah!”

Yes, this is a thing now.

Alex Miranda: “What’s the difference between a walk and a hot girl walk?”

Gabriela Ayala: “I think the biggest difference is when you go on a hot girl walk, you’re just trying to be the best version that you can be — physically, emotionally or mentally.”

Saturday mornings, weather permitting, starting at Brickell Key Park, for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Gabriela Ayala: “We start at 9:30, and we walk around the key. Then we end up at food trucks where we have juice or coffee.”

And all hotties means cisgender, trans, and nonbinary.

Gabriela Ayala: “It is open, it is accepting, it is inviting.”

The trend started on TikTok, before Gabriela Ayala joined in.

Gabriela Ayala: “I basically posted that I didn’t have that many girlfriends in Miami, and everybody encouraged me to host a meetup. Twenty-something girls showed up.”

And now … well, look at this!

Lucy Nelles: “We get to stay connected and do fun things in Miami.”

And using the #hotgirlwalk hashtag, you can start one in your neighborhood, too.

Alex Miranda: “Making friends in Miami is so hard.”

Gabriela Ayala: “I just found out that there are so many girls that felt the exact same way, so I’m so thankful that I started hosting this, ’cause now we have an excuse to get together.”

Lucy Nelles: “I’ve been here about a year, and this community has been a lifesaver for making friends.”

Fanny Rodriguez: “I feel inspired, like, there’s entrepreneurs here, there’s girls that own their own businesses.”

The name is inspired by Megan Thee Stallion’s 2019 hit “Hot Girl Summer” featuring Nicki Minaj.

“Hot Girl Summer” music video: “And we say it’s hot girl summer. We ain’t talking about degrees.”

But what does “hot girl” mean anyway?

Group: “Being hot and powerful. Bad and boujee. Inspired and motivated.”

Lucy Nelles: “It’s feeling good, it’s being confident, and more importantly, surrounding yourself with the right people who lift you up.”


Gabriela Ayala

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