Most of us are lucky if we get to do the one thing we love for a living, but one Wellington resident does two. No fair!

Ki-Juan Minors is an accomplished equestrian — but with a voice like this, his singing career could be riding him high on the charts, too.

Ki-Juan Minors can ride a horse. But he will also rock the mic.

Ki-Juan Minors [singing]: “I will promise you, my love, forever, forever. Something like that.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, my God!”

Ki-Juan Minors: “I haven’t finished it yet. It’s still early. That might not go like like that when I actually record it, but that’s kind of the…”

Alex Miranda: “It’s done!”

The professional equestrian lives and works in Wellington, which is Palm Beach County’s horse country, known worldwide.

Alex Miranda: “How have the two worlds interacted for you in your life?”

Ki-Juan Minors: “It’s been great because the feedback that I get from — I call them my horse show family — is amazing. I even proposed to my wife at a horse show.”

He competes and trains, but after getting off the saddle, puts the other cap on.

Ki-Juan Minors: “It depends on the day. I would say I wake up in the morning…”

Kesha [singing]: “Feeling like P. Diddy.”

Just kidding. I had to. But no, he meant to say…

Ki-Juan Minors: “The first thing on my mind are my horses, and then at night, it’s music.”

But this mix is not out of left field.

Ki-Juan Minors: “My grandfather was big into horses, and my mother was a singer. Horses are my heart and singing is in my soul.”

The Bermuda native, who discovered his voice where we all did….

Ki-Juan Minors: “I’m in the shower, I’m singing the national anthem.”

Alex Miranda: “It’s always the shower.”

…just dropped “Getaway,” a new, soulful single.

But the inspiration is probably not what you’d expect.

Ki-Juan Minors: “There’s no place like Wellington, I find, that has that type of nightlife.”

Alex Miranda: “What type of nightlife is there in Wellington?”

Ki-Juan Minors: “I don’t know. You gotta come here and check it out.”

“Getaway” comes after “Hold On.”

And both before his next goal.

Ki-Juan Minors: “I would love to try to get finished my Christmas EP.”

Can’t you just hear this voice…

Ki-Juan Minors [singing]: “It’s coming much too late, but so … girl, I know I hurt you in the past.”

…on something like “Last Christmas”?

It would be a Christmas gift for music lovers.

Ki-Juan is throwing a Christmas concert in Wellington this December. For details and updates, he says, his Instagram is best.

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