The world is your oyster, and that includes the ocean. It’s large and home to some very important species. Hidden Worlds Entertainment wants to show you exactly that … through art, drinks, and of course, food. Who’s ready for a whale of a time?

Catch some island vibes at the Hidden Worlds pop-up at Ampersand Studios in Miami.

Daniel Hettwer, creator of Hidden Worlds: ‘We’re creating a very immersive show to bring people in and give them an amazing night out or an amazing day out, but then we also have these art pieces and these interactive installations that all have a bit more meaning. You’ll be able to scan QR codes, read up about the story of the artist, the story of the environment.”

The company teamed up with the Bahamas for the underwater immersive experience.

Daniel Hettwer: “The main hook of the whole experience is about sharks, because the Bahamas have been a leader in the area of shark protection. Without coral reefs, we would not have food for 3 billion people in the planet, and without sharks, we don’t have coral reefs, which is why shark protection is so essential.”

There’s a daytime family-friendly show where guests can enjoy some local and international art while having some ocean positive drinks.

Daniel Hettwer: “We work with ingredients that, when you consume them, they actually help the ocean, so, if you wake up the next morning with a slight hangover, it’s a sacrifice that you made for the ocean.”

There are two evening fine-dining experiences, Wednesday through Sunday, where you’re served a 10-course interactive dinner.

Daniel Hettwer: “We take you on a journey through the mangroves, through the coral reefs, to the deep sea.”

And every scene you’ll see will match what you’re eating.

Daniel Hettwer: “We work with Chef Scott, Chef Kevin Pratt from the Bahamas, Chef Oscar, and they’ve done an amazing job, really spending months on months in order to research ingredients that, when you consume them, they help the ocean.”

Spreading awareness and picking the right menu is important to Chef Scott.

Chef Scott Linquist: “So now we have to look at certain things that really are ocean positive. That would be clams, mussels, oysters, because actually, farming of those creates ecosystems for other sea life. Blue crabs, they multiply rapidly, they devastate the sea grass, and if the sea grass is gone, there’s no food for certain species.”

So don’t be a fish out of water and dive into the fun.

Chef Scott Linquist: “We’re going to have music and cocktails and turn it into a big party afterwards, and hopefully people will come, because we’re raising money for a really good cause.”

Hidden Worlds Immersive Experience pop-up
Ampersand Studios
31 NE 17th St.
Miami, FL 33132

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