The key to your body’s wellness sometimes means getting help from technology. A new techie facility in Brickell promises to help you restore, recharge and renew yourself.

It’s a new era of support. From pulses to currents to sounds, oh my. It’s all to help you get to a yogi state of mind.

A center to help boost your life is here.

Monika Kosa, Centner Wellness representative: “Centner Wellness is all about detox, healing, de-stressing and optimizing your health.”

This 15,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art spot is lighting the way to Zen. There are over 30 different treatments, including a theta chamber.

Monika Kosa: “Theta state is a state when your brain is most relaxed. This is when the healing occurs. They choose the program, they know what they would like to work on. They get inside. They put headsets on. They’re listening to binary beats. They put the visor on. They’re looking at visual patterns, and they also have electromagnetic stimulation on their ears. Then, once they get in, the chamber closes and the chamber starts spinning. Within minutes they’re in the theta state.”

And what happens in the pod, stays in the pod.

Monika Kosa: “People come out, many people, like, sobbing, crying, they feel great immediately. Let it do its own thing. I think I went to talk to God, came back sobbing. I was like, ‘Oh, my God. This is amazing. It’s an amazing machine.'”

For a full body charge, try this.

Monika Kosa: “Ammortal chamber is a human charging station; when you come out, you feel totally rejuvenated. Five modalities, five in one. It combines red light, BMF, hydrogen, and vibro acoustic and meditation.”

There’s also an energy boost room.

Monika Kosa: “Energy enhancement system, we are the center with the most screens, we have over 56 screens. These screens are perfectly calibrated to create a vortex, let’s say the most perfect energies. And by hanging out in the presence of these amazing screens, with the amazing frequencies, your own vibration will rise.”

Melina Toffalo: “This place is wow, it’s spectacular. You can come here and restore your full body — mentally, emotionally and physically. You can heal your body here.”

Centner Wellness
2333 Brickell Ave A1
Miami, FL 33129

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