The dating scene in SoFlo can be so hit or miss. If cupid missed your person again this year, no problem. Why not focus on yourself? You do you. At “Leaf Spa” inside Brickell’s AKA hotel, self love is as romantic as ever.

Every year no matter what we do, we can’t get away from Valentine’s Day.

For all the single people, who think they need a date to celebrate love, Leaf Spa is coming to the rescue.

No plans ? No problem.

At this nature inspired spa inside Brickell’s AKA hotel it’s OK to be selfish.

Francesca Padron: “So we’re having a special it’s called galentine’s day. It’s for women who want to treat themselves for self love for Valentine’s Day.”

Taylor Brown: “A lot of women, like we kind of lose touch with ourselves. I think today’s the perfect day to kind of reconnect and just invest in your own well being.”

It starts with a wish.

Francesca Padron: “When they walk in, we bring them over to the wish tree. The wish tree is to help signify hope.”

Francesca Padron: “We allow the guests to take a ribbon and tie it on the tree and make a wish.”

Next is the smudging ritual to make sure you are full of good intention.

Francesca Padron: “We light the sage and we go around the auric field of the guest, so we can remove any energy they might be bringing with them to the spa.”

A little foot action with herbs is all part of the experience.

Francesca Padron: “We perform a foot ritual where we soak their feet. This is going to help cleanse them and also reset them and get them ready for their treatment.”

And who doesn’t want roses for v-day?

Francesca Padron: “We use rose infused oil for the massage to help elevate the mood. Rose operates at the highest frequency and helps elevate the energy.”

Francesca Padron: “Afterwards we use a rose quartz infused mask.”

After this self-love treatment, your outlook on life will change.

Taylor Brown: “I’m feeling super rejuvenated and cleansed, and I feel like it’s exactly what I needed.”


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