If we told you the world were about to end in three weeks, honestly, would you even be all that surprised? Just another day in 2022. Nothing shocks us anymore, obviously, but in a new sci-disaster flick, at least we have Halle Berry, the astronaut, to help. I like that reality much more.

It really is the end of the world as we know it.

News anchor: “The governor has just ordered the mass evacuation of the entire West Coast.”

In the sci-fi epic “Moonfall.”

John Bradley (as KC Houseman): “Are we dead?”

Patrick Wilson (as Brian Harper): “No, we’re just inside the moon.”

When a mysterious, intelligent force knocks it from its orbit, the moon starts hurtling toward Earth. Whoops!

Only weeks before impact, former astronauts Jo Fowler, played by Halle Berry, and Patrick Wilson’s Brian Harper, team up to save humanity.

Alex Miranda: “I want Jo to run things in real life. Like, can we just get her a job?”

Halle Berry: “I did love playing her, mainly because she was written for a man, so anytime we get to take a role and put a woman in there, show a woman in charge and intelligent and powerful and able-bodied, you know, it’s always a good day.”

But Jo and Brian aren’t having many good days in this story.

Patrick Wilson: “He’s had a little rough road the past few years since his disaster that we see in the opening of the movie, and then he tries to gain some self-respect, throughout the course of this crazy concept.”

Crazy, indeed, but expect no less from master of disaster, director Roland Emmerich.

Roland Emmerich: “The stakes are really high, because they’re fighting for the life of their kids.”

Not unlike in real life. Halle says she wouldn’t go into outer space even if she could.

Halle Berry: “I’ve got little kids. They kinda need me. That’s not a risk that I would take, nor is it on my bucket list.”

Patrick has the same hesitation, but admits…

Patrick Wilson: “It’d be a different story if Bezos or, you know, Elon was like, ‘Do you want to go?’ I’d probably go like, ‘I do, actually. Let’s go!'”

Aliens, on the other hand, are no match for Halle.

Halle Berry: “I’m not afraid of that. I live for the day when we find out what else is out there.”

Although, man-made monsters? That’s something else.

Alex Miranda: “Are you yourself terrified of [artificial intelligence] in, let’s say, 50 years?”

Roland Emmerich: “I’m, like, really afraid of A.I., because that’s like something where we give control away.”

Alex Miranda: “We’re done! We had a nice run, right?”

Roland Emmerich: “Climate change will do the rest.”

Oh, and if you’re thinking about that other disaster movie on Netflix.

Jennifer Lawrence (as Kate Dibiasky): “There’s a 100% chance that we’re all going to die!”

Roland has this shade to throw.

Roland Emmerich: “I think my movie is much more fun. It’s entertaining, and it’s not always the same joke.”

“Moonfall” lands in theaters on Friday.

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