Whoever said nice guys finish last has never met Nate Bargatze. Deco talked with the down-to-earth comedian before his big gig in SoFlo this weekend.

Nate Bargatze, comedian: “I’m 44. My daughter’s 11. When she’s my age, it’ll be 2057. I don’t even believe that’s a real year.”

Nate Bargatze has a favorite comedy target: the people he loves the most.

Nate Bargatze: “So I try to make fun of myself or my family, You know, we’re kind of the butt of the jokes. People can tell that, like, I love my wife and I love my family”

His self-deprecating style has earned him the title of “the nicest guy in stand-up.” It’s a label he’s proud of.

Nate Bargatze: “I don’t think I set out to be it but, you know, I wasn’t gonna – it’s one of those, I’m not gonna fight it, so I’m glad that I’m perceived as that.”

There’s a reason why he’s the butt of so many of his own jokes.

Nate Bargatze: “I enjoy doing it this way. I think I can go the farthest, and I’m just keeping it. It’s easier to write when you’re making fun of yourself. We’re doing homework. Our daughter’s starting to bring it all home. First and second grade was awesome. Third grade you’re like, ‘OK,’ then throw some stuff in, you’re like, ‘Oh, OK.'”

The Grammy-nominated performer has been making people laugh for two decades. He thinks now is a golden time for his profession.

Nate Bargatze: “And stand-up is, you know, it’s not completely there, but it’s close to being there, more than it ever has been, to be looked at as an art form. It’s a Golden Globe Award this year. People have more eyes on it than they ever have.”

Like most comics, Bargatze started out playing clubs. Now his “Be Funny” tour is packing arenas.

Those gigs are two different animals.

Nate Bargatze: “An arena, it’s bigger, things can be a little slower, you can sit on stuff a little longer ’cause there’s so many people.”

But things move a lot faster when you’re onstage in a packed club.

Nate Bargatze: “Where you just gotta be just kinda like on top of it and get to the jokes a lot quicker.”

Punch lines are going to be flying around the Amerant Bank Arena in Sunrise on Sunday, when Bargatze and his pals ring in 2024, laughing style.

Nate Bargatze: “We’re very excited to come down there for New Year’s Eve. That show, it’s gonna be an awesome show. I mean, I will say it’s one of the better comedy shows you could possibly see.”

Nate Bargatze: “How am I gonna talk to somebody from 2057? I have more in common with a Pilgrim.”

Here’s your chance to welcome 2024 in between big-time laughs.

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