Just call him the King of Fox. No, no, call him the executive chef. Chef Gordon Ramsay is cooking up a storm on Fox, and he’s sharing some tasty deets with Deco about all his shows.

Chef Gordon Ramsay keeps serving up the competition series on Fox.

He’s got a new show called “Food Stars” in the works and Season 2 of “Next Level Chef.” “Food Stars” is premiering right after the Super Bowl next year.

But that’s not all! “MasterChef: Back to Win” airs on Wednesdays.

This season is all about previous contestants getting a second chance to come out on top.

Gordan Ramsay: “Season 12 of ‘Back to Win’ is all about redemption, second chance, second bite of the cherry, what have you got? This is not about producibility, how good have you become since you left the competition last time? So we have to raise the game as judges. They are better, and we go harder.”

“MasterChef Junior’s” current season is also airing on Fox, and these kids are impressive!

Gordan Ramsay: “It’s not about eight stars and As, it’s about confidence, personality, and food brings that out of them.”

Chef Ramsay may be an elite chef, but he’s also recently discovered a new skill: TikTok food critic extraordinaire!

In fact, he was even named the U.K.’s most followed TikTok account thanks to those famous tips and critiques.

Gordon Ramsay: “Why is a 55-year-old chef the most followed TikToker in Europe? Who knows? I can’t dance for a living. I can cook, but it’s – it’s a bit strange.”

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