What happens when an angel and a demon cross paths? In the book world, probably romance. In movies, definitely a war.

But in Prime Video’s hit series called “Good Omens,” it’s a hilarious unlikely friendship with a whole lot of chaos. Deco’s dishing with the cast ahead of Friday’s Season 2 premiere.

David Tennant (as Crowley): “I’m back.”

Michael Sheen (as Aziraphale): “I can see that.”

The devil may work hard, but David Tennant and Michael Sheen work harder in Season 2 of “Good Omens.”

David Tennant (as Crowley): “Take a big cup, put six shots of espresso into it, nothing else.”

Michael Sheen (as Aziraphale): “That sounds fun. Does it calm you down?”

The angel and demon with an unlikely friendship are back for a new adventure, and they’re super excited about it.

David Tennant: “There’s nothing more delightful than a fresh script pinging up with these characters and thinking we get to go and play again, we get to go and revisit this world.”

Gloria Obianyo (as Uriel): “The archangel Gabriel has disappeared. I think he’s gone to Earth.”

Jon Hamm (as Gabriel): “Hi there!”

David Tennant (as Crowley): “Ah! Gabriel! What’s he doing here? What’s happened to him?”

Michael Sheen (as Aziraphale): “I don’t know!”

Season 2 deals with a big mystery surrounding the Archangel Gabriel, played by Jon Hamm.

And he’s not the only familiar face back for more.

Maggie Service: “We thought we told the story because we did the book in Season 1, there was a full stop to it. So it felt completely out of the blue, really, to get an email from Neil Gaiman.”

There are a lot of new angels and demons joining the fray, too, and for good reasons.

Liz Carr: “It was the humor that really, really got it for me, I think, and then the silliness, actually. I love the heart and the silliness.

Shelley Conn: “There is a very deep connection, and that is, in Season 1, we asked the question ‘Are humans worth saving?’ And in Season 2, we kind of explore why.”

David Tennant (as Crowley): “We need to hide him, from everybody, Heaven, hell. We do it together.”

Michael Sheen (as Aziraphale): “Together?”

David and Michael both agree that this one’s for the fans, and they can’t wait for them to watch.

Michael Sheen: “It’s such a privileged position.”

David Tennant: “Oh, yeah!”

Michael Sheen: “To know that what you’re putting so much thought and energy and love and care and attention and work into, you know, it’s going to matter just as much to the people who you’re doing it for.”

Michael Sheen (as Aziraphale): “I think I may have just started a war.”

David Tennant (as Crowley): “Oh! Hell won’t like that.”

Good Omens Season 2 premieres Friday on Prime Video.

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