The new year is always about starting fresh, and in 2022, how about getting outdoors more? Biscayne National Park isn’t just for the fishes, because with their Eco-Adventures, a shipwreck may be in your future. Wait, I don’t mean you’re on it when it sinks.

Ever forget we live literally next to a national park?

Jeremy Garza, Biscayne National Park: “We’re Miami’s best kept secret.”

To be fair, Biscayne National Park can be a little intimidating, at first.

Jeremy Garza: “We’re 90% water. We’re over 170,000 acres.”

But now you can dive right in — with a scuba and snorkel Eco-Adventure.

Jeremy Garza: “Our tours are very unique. They’re really off the beaten path, places that nobody except the people in our tours get to see.”

We’re burying the lede, though.

Jeremy Garza: “Our Maritime Heritage Trail includes seven shipwrecks. The oldest are about 200 years old.”

How cool is that?!

Jeremy Garza: “Just getting to swim amongst the wreckage of these old ships is pretty special.”

The Titanic not included.

Kate Winslet (as Rose): “I’ll never let go. I promise.”

And then she just lets him right go. Moving on.

Jeremy Garza: “They’re typically in about 20 to 30 feet of water, so they’re not like really extreme dives.”

Right under our noses this entire time.

Jeremy Garza: “You’ll have 300 boats partying, and they just have no idea that these amazing spots are here.”

Including the eye-popping diversity of life on the coral reef.

Jeremy Garza: “Hundreds, thousands of fish in some cases.”

And along…

Jeremy Garza: “Miles of wild mangrove shoreline just teeming with fish, the juvenile tropical fish. We have over 600 species. We see stingrays. We’ve ever seen a juvenile turtle sleeping in there one time in the mangroves. We also have three species of seahorses.”

And this full-day trip from the Dante Fascell Visitors Center…

Jeremy Garza: “We have divemasters that go on each trip, and a captain, so you’re in good hands.”

It isn’t just for fun. You’ll also be learning about…

Jeremy Garza: “The marine biology, what you’re seeing, a little bit about the history of the park. We’re going to tell you a little bit about the history of each ship.”

Biscayne National Park Institute offers the scuba and snorkel adventure for $244. if you’re not yet scuba certified, you can take a half-day snorkel trip for $99.

Jeremy Garza: “People who have lived here in Miami their whole lives are blown away.”

Biscayne Eco-Adventures

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