Where can you see stars from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Shazam,” ‘”Star Wars” and tons of other movies and shows? Aside from in your dreams, they’ll be at Florida Supercon in the Miami Beach Convention Center this weekend. Three days of non-stop fun, costumes, gaming and shopping for collectibles and so much more.

Don’t geek out, because Florida Supercon is back!

Christopher D’Lando: “Supercon is Miami Beach’s best home for the celebration of all things pop culture. Three days of anime, cosplay, gaming, wrestling, comics — you name it, we got it.”

Think of your favorite actors, shows and movies all under one roof.

Christopher D’Lando: “You will find a little bit of everything: there’s definitely horror, there’s definitely anime, there are lots of sit-down panels, game shows, workshops.”

Not to mention a dedicated space for gaming.

Christopher D’Lando: “So we have got a gigantic gaming area filled with classic video games, arcade cabinets, and then we got performances, shows, DJ parties.”

There are also a few guest appearances, including some of the cast of “Shazam!”

Zachary Levi (as Shazam): “We have one job to do: save the world.”

And from Kim Rhodes, aka Sheriff Jody Mills in “Supernatural.”

Kim Rhodes (as Sheriff Jody Mills): “Great, we need some more mashed potatoes, right? I’m going to get more mashed.”

Kim Rhodes: “The best thing about getting to do these conventions is actually touch hearts and give mom hugs and love the people who are in my heart but may have never been in front of my eyes.”

It wouldn’t be a Florida Supercon without the over-the-top cosplay costumes.

Christopher D’Lando: “We have Cosplay Central on the show floor. That’s a great place for you to come and mingle with other cosplayers. There’s cosplay panels there, there are workshops and how-to for you to learn, there’s a cosplay repair, if you came in a really cool costume and it broke.”

No matter what your favorite genre is, you’ll have a blast.

Christopher D’Lando: “You’ve just got all these amazing people in costumes, and they’re all so passionate, and they’re all so devoted to their communities, whether it’s comics or anime or books or a TV show they all love and can geek out about.”

Click the link to buy tickets
Florida Supercon
June 30- July 2
Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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