Nail polish has largely been the same thing for years: thick opaque colors.

Clear the way for something new. There’s a mani that’s colorful, fun and will have you seeing your nails in a whole new light.

Now that salons have reopened, a manicure is a must! And Color Parlor Hair and Nails in Miami nailed it when it comes to the latest look.

Michelle Izquierdo: “Something that is cool and different that is out now is glass nails, also known as jelly nails.”

Think of it as fashion for your fingertips.

Michelle Izquierdo: “They are nail extensions on top of your nail, and they are painted with clear colors you can see through.”

The end result: your nails look like pieces of colored glass.

Michelle Izquierdo: “People are amused at how the nails look. The light passes through it, and sometimes it will catch your eye and will shine different.”

The process starts out like a regular manicure: clean up the cuticles, file and buff the nails.

Then you’re ready for this jelly — jelly nail that is.

Michelle Izquierdo: “These nails are similar to press-on nails in the sense that they simply go on top of your nail but they do last long.”

Since the clear extensions aren’t old school acrylic tips, they’ve got an added benefit.

Michelle Izquierdo: “It’s healthier. It’s not causing as much damage because we aren’t buffing the nail too much or filing it down.”

You decide the shape. As for the color…

Michelle Izquierdo: “We have the whole rainbow as colors go, and in different levels of sheerness.”

They’ve got skills at Color Parlor. You can get your jelly nails blinged out or get a rainbow glass French tip. It’s a thing here!

Matthew Donovan: “I think the cool thing is when the sun hits you at the right angle, it shines right through, and you can see the colors reflect when you walk. It makes a fun distraction throughout the day.

Prices start at $50, and since the mani lasts for a few weeks, you’ll have time to make your nails the talk of the town.

Matthew Donovan: “They are beautiful. They are durable. You are in Miami. Have some fun.”

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