It’s time to go freaky-deaky for tiki. The annual Hukilau is back in town. In fact, it’s a party for all things Polynesian. Come on, go native. You know you want to.

Things are hot at the Beachcomber Resort in Pompano Beach this weekend, thanks to Hukilau.

Richard Oneslager: “The Hukilau is an event that celebrates everything around tiki culture.”

One thing you’re going to find out right away: tiki culture is so cool.

Richard Oneslager: “Tiki’s an interesting thing. It really centers around the aloha spirit. Aloha spirit is just really kindness. Maybe it was karma? You get what you give.”

What Hukilau is giving you will definitely keep the good times rolling. 

Richard Oneslager: “So that includes cocktails — obviously the first thing people think of — music, you know, surf music, all that kind of lounge music.”

There’s even stuff to take home with you.

Richard Oneslager: “Fashion, aloha shirts, aloha wear, and then Polynesian art and imagery.”

Hukilau became a SoFlo go-to festival, thanks to a legendary local restaurant.

Richard Oneslager: “The event originally started in Atlanta, and it was moved here in Fort Lauderdale because of the Mai Kai. It is the mecca, known throughout the world as the best tiki bar.”

Dancers from Mai Kai came to show off their traditional routines, and there are other kinds of dances that are a tad more naughty.

It’s all good, though, especially because your glass is never empty.

Richard Oneslager: “A centerpiece of the Hukilau for us is, we bring in 15 to 20 guest bars from all over the country.”

That’s a lot of libation with very little leg work.

Richard Oneslager: “But you get an opportunity to sample cocktails from 18 different bars without having to travel to 18 different cities.”

Make it on over to Hukilau and get a full dose of the aloha spirit.

Richard Oneslager: “There is so much openness, and someone can come as a complete stranger, and they’re gonna leave with a bunch of friends.”

The weather might not be the best this weekend, but that’s not going to stop Hukilau. The festival goes on, rain or shine.

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