Normally, you don’t go to the spa to get your face slapped around by a lady with “the fastest fingers in Brickell.” Her words, not mine, I promise. That is, until I discovered iGodFace. That’s God, not got. But, oh my God, this mug feels brand new after.

You know about deep tissue massages.

Sasha White: “If you have tight shoulders, if you have.”

Alex Miranda: “I have that. Oh, yeah.”

For your back. But how about the face?

Alex Miranda: “Nobody has ever massaged my ear. I mean, that is a fact.”

Well, at iGodFace in Brickell…

Sasha White: “I have the fastest, the strongest fingers, and it’s pretty intense.”

Sasha’s got deep-tissue facials!

Sasha White: “People just training and relaxing bodies, but the thing is the face should be trained and relaxed, too.”

And skills for days.

Plus, balls.

Sasha White: “Here we are using a face yoga ball.”

But, my God…

Sasha White: “They help me to relax your jaw, relax much deeper than I do it just from one side.”

Is the oral part intense?

Sasha White: “It’s a very, very good pain.”

Sixty or 90-minute sessions may also feel like therapy.

Sasha White: “Right here, if you are a control freak.”

Because she’ll help release all those emotions…

Alex Miranda: “You’re moving things that needed to be moved, for years!”

…from right under your skin.

Sasha White: “Lots of drama you are holding right here.”

Alex Miranda: “You are reading me for filth.”

Um, OK.

Sasha White: “When you have wrinkles around your eyes, it means you’re a genuine person. So always keep them alive, because…”

Alex Miranda: “Thanks for pointing out my wrinkles, Sasha.”

[Sasha White laughs.]

Alex Miranda: “Kids, one day you wake up at 37 years old, and you have wrinkles.”

But maybe one less after this!

Sasha White: “You can see immediately how this cheek, like, poof, and how this one is still bigger.”

Ice-cold gua sha sculpts the skin, while this tool gives you a fuller looking face by zapping it with electrical impulses.

Alex Miranda: “That’s such a weird feeling.”

Sasha White: “It’s like a face CrossFit for your muscles.”

Alex Miranda: “Wait, but what is it doing?”

Sasha White: “Make face very strong, lift the structure.”

Watch my lower lip twitch.

Alex Miranda: “I feel like I’ve been beat up.”

In a good way.

And finally, we finish. With sound.

Oh, sorry. That’s her French bulldog, Mr. Wow. He’ll be providing the snore therapy throughout.

Sasha White: “They all say it’s so soothing and relaxing. They all love it, I’m so happy.”

Deep tissue facials start at $222 for women, and $333 for men.

To book your session, click here.

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