We all love a good scented candle, but there’s a gift this holiday season that keeps on giving. We’re talking years of help for needy families around the world, but in an unexpected way.

Need a good gift idea? How about an alpaca? Let me explain.

Israel Alonso, World Vision: “The alpaca can live up to 20 years, and they produce about 10 pounds of wool per year.”

Live animals, like alpacas, can be game changers for families in need, who use their coats for clothes and as a source of income.

Israel Alonso: “The alpaca usually goes to families overseas.”

OK, emus, let’s try that again.

Alex Miranda: “I’m going to have to protect him.”

Israel Alonso: “World Vision provides the tools for people to overcome poverty. Some of these families will never have the income to buy an alpaca over a lifetime.”

Israel showed me a few examples at the Broward County Fair, like Celine Dion.

Fun fact: alpacas actually like to swim, and Celine is single, so…

Alex Miranda: “She’s always up for a nice long walk on the beach.”

With their physical and online gift catalog, you can also give the gift of goat.

Israel Alonso: “They can provide up to 16 cups of milk per day. Whatever they don’t consume, again, they can turn into cheese, they can turn into yogurt.”

But, also, they’re, like, really cute!

Alex Miranda: “This is a baby goat, also known as a kid.”

It’s true: these kids inspired the word for our kids.

Alex Miranda: “I wanted to call her Lynn or Shireen, but I can’t just pick one, so she is officially named Shilynn.”

And you already know what the cows do.

Alex Miranda: “Got milk?”

Molly has plenty, like 80,000 glasses worth in her lifetime.

Israel Alonso: “It’s not just any gift. It’s a gift that will change a life.”

Not just a pretty face, although a bit stubborn.

Alex Miranda: “She just always sees everything in black and white.”

Llamas? not on the list, but I’m kind of relieved because…

Alex Miranda: “Spit happens.”

Animals range in price from just $25 to several hundred dollars, but you can also buy a share of one for much less.

Israel Alonso: “It’s just not a gift. It’s a meaningful gift.”

Today is Giving Tuesday, and World Vision is going to match any donations you make on their website today up to $1 million. Plus, you get a cool gift with that donation.

For the World Vision’s gift catalog, click here.

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