Some people are really good at counting down to the holidays. For instance, I know there are exactly 182 days left until Arbor Day, but before you go planting any seeds or ideas, we’ve gotta talk about the spookiest time of the year. Deco’s resident happy haunt, Alex Miranda, is here.

Halloween is only a couple days away, and we’re not the only ones ready for some tricks and treats. Your favorite celebs have got some big Halloween plans … and they’re sharing them with us.

It’s that time of year again, and you know what that means…

Michael Keaton (as Beetlejuice): “It’s showtime!”

Tiki (singing): “Oh, oh, oh, it’s magic, you know.”

The judges on “The Masked Singer” are used to being surrounded by people in all kinds of crazy costumes, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less excited about Halloween this year.

Robin Thicke: “Halloween has become a whole month of celebration because my kids love it, you know? So, now with all the kids, they want to put up all the decorations, and we celebrate Halloween for the whole month.”

Jenny McCarthy: “I don’t have any Halloween plans yet, although it is my favorite holiday because my birthday is, that’s the night before.”

Hannah Waddingham (as The Witch Mother): “This is a very sacred space for witches. We come here to charge our magic.”

“Hocus Pocus 2” star Hannah Waddingham can’t wait to get spooky with her daughter.

Hannah Waddingham: “I have a 9-year-old daughter. It’s her favorite. I do the whole nine yards with her. I do, like, full-on face painting, making her unrecognizable. I do it as well.”

Ellen Burstyn (as Chris MacNeil): “Exorcism is a ritual. Every culture, every religion, they all use different methods. It’s gonna take all of them.”

Working on horror films means the guys behind “The Exorcist: Believer” are always ready to play dress-up.

David Gordon Green: “Lucky enough to have worked on three ‘Halloween’ movies, and so, I carry a Michael Myers mask in the trunk of my car just in case.”

Jason Blum: “We see a lot of ‘Purge’ masks as Halloween costumes. That’s really fun. My most memorable Halloween costume, at least recently, was M3GAN. ‘M3GAN’ was a big hit. It was a lot of fun.”

David Spade (as Joe Dirt): “You boys got something to say to me? Why don’t you talk in the microphone? I got a backup mic right here.”

It’s not just about dressing themselves up, though. “Snake Oil” host David Spade says he likes to see what fans come up with.

David Spade: “There’s a lot of ‘Joe Dirt’ out there. I usually post a lot of those. It’s very funny. People dress their babies up like it.”

And, when it comes to trick-or-treating, Jack Osbourne’s got a plan to keep his little ones from crashing and burning off a sugar rush.

Jack Osbourne: “You write a note to the Switch Witch a couple of days before Halloween. You leave it outside, and it has, like, three gifts that you’re willing to trade all your candy for.”

Genius idea? Or evil plot twist? You decide.

Happy Halloween weekend to all.

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